LHV ranks among the three most desirable employers in Estonia

9. September 2020

Results of the survey conducted by job portal CVKeskus.ee showed that Telia Eesti, Eesti Energia, and LHV Pank are the most loved employers among Estonian workers.

Each year, CVKeskus.ee – Estonia’s largest job portal – conducts a survey to identify the companies where Estonians would most like to work. For the first time ever, employees voted LHV Pank among the three most desirable employers in Estonia. Only Telia Eesti and Eesti Energia came out ahead of us.

LHV Human Resources Manager Liisa Põldma is pleased that the bank has grown in every respect. ‘Our growth has been vigorous, both in terms of our business volumes and our staff. It is delightful to see that the people’s wish to work at LHV is growing along with our need to find new employees. This is also illustrated by our best ever ranking among the most desirable employers’, she said. Last year, LHV ranked ninth in the same leaderboard.

According to Põldma, this year has also been active in terms of recruitment, despite the crisis that arrived. ‘This year, the number of employees at LHV has already grown by 50, and several competitions are constantly ending, in progress, and commencing’, she added.

Participants in the survey were also asked to evaluate the characteristics of the best employers, in order to understand what makes an employer desirable. ‘A total of 98% of respondents found that desirable employers are innovative companies that employ entrepreneurial people. In addition, desirable employers hold the reputation of being an honest employer in the eyes of employees; the companies have great career and development opportunities, and they perform an important goal that matches the personal goals of the employee’, commented the Marketing Manager of CVKeskus.ee, Henry Auväärt.

CVKeskus.ee is organising the survey identifying the most desirable employers in Estonia for the ninth year in a row already. This year, 5,699 employees across Estonia participated in the survey.

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