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All of your investments are conveniently located in one place with your LHV securities account

  • Holding Baltic securities and up to 100 share transactions per calendar month are free of charge
  • Individuals can hold 50,000 euros worth of global equities free of charge
  • Access to the most commonly found securities on the Baltic, U.S., Nordic and European markets
  • We apply the lowest tax rate in Estonia on US dividends – 15% instead of the regular 30%. Lower 15% tax rate only applies to US equities purchased on US stock markets (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX). US shares purchased from other stock markets, will be taxed with higher rate.
  • With an additional contract you can access margin loans


Access to the world’s largest financial markets

Buy shares, index funds and bonds from the world’s largest stock exchanges in Estonia, Europe and the Americas. Review our list of offered instruments and stock exchanges.

Home of Baltic securities

As the largest securities broker on the Baltic Market, LHV offers the best conditions for investing in Baltic securities. LHV offers up to 100 share transactions per month and free safekeeping for Baltic securities.
In addition, you can order periodic overviews of publicly traded Baltic companies from LHV’s analysts, which reveal the assessment of analysts towards the results and in which the fair value of the share is designated.

Convenient transactions

The internet bank can be used to perform transactions under “Investing” menu. As a client of LHV you can track the real-time market information of Baltic shares via the Powertrader application.

LHV’s mobile app can also be used to perform transactions with Baltic and Foreign Shares.

The possibility to use margin loans to take positions

If you have concluded a margin loan agreement, we will allow you to take a loan against your portfolio of publicly traded securities in order to take new positions. A margin loan can also be used to perform transactions if sufficient funds are currently unavailable.

Get an overview of your alternative investments

LHV clients can add crowdfinancing and cryptocurrency accounts to LHV internet bank statement for an holistic overview of your financial assets from a single location.

You can see the investment cost and profit for your investments, as well as the available cash at the given platform in the alternative investments section of the internet bank.

You can add your Coinbase, Crowdestate, EstateGuru and Funderbeam accounts, with Bondora and others coming in the near future.

Read FAQ for more information.

Professional support is always available

Our experienced brokers will assist you in Estonian, English and Russian, on working days from 9-23. Contact us at or by telephoning 680-0420.
LHV organises regular investment seminars, which are open to all interested parties.

Access to investment funds

Your securities account allows you to purchase investment funds from local as well as international management companies.

There is also a fund available that is managed by LHV’s experts: The LHV World Equities Fund.

Nasdaq Baltic Awards 2023 Stock Exchange Member of the Year

LHV Pank was noted for it's increasing trading activity, steady commitment to serving, educating and inspiring the investor community, acting as a liquidity provider on the market, and contributing to the organization of IPOs and SPOs.

How to bring your securities to LHV?

  • Perform a free of payment securities transfer using the LHV internet bank.
    Start the order in the internet bank. Enter the name of the security (or its ISIN code), the quantity and price at which you would like to transfer the securities. As the next step, enter the name of the counterparty, their securities account number and the account administrator. View the instructions.

  • Perform a free of payment securities transfer in your current bank.
    To perform a free of payment securities transfer make sure that you also forward the transfer order to the counter-party’s account administrator bank. The transaction order must be identical to the transaction of the counter-party.

    Transfer your securities

Opening a securities account

  • Register yourself as a client of LHV
    If you are not yet a client of LHV, open an account.

  • Conclude an investment services agreement
    Conclude an investment services agreement in order to conclude securities transactions. You can also do this in the LHV mobile app.

  • Trading with Baltic securities
    To trade with Baltic securities, open a free Baltic securities account.

  • Trading with US securities
    To trade with U.S. securities, confirm your tax residency to ensure that your dividends are taxed at a lower rate. Complete a private person’s form or a legal person’s form.

  • Bring your existing securities to LHV
    If you have previously acquired securities in other banks, you can conveniently bring them to LHV with a securities transfer.

Price list

Creating a securities account (including a Baltic securities account)

Free of charge

Administering of Baltic shares

Free of charge

Transaction fee for Baltic shares

Up to 100 transactions per calendar month are free, the fee for each transaction exceeding the cap is 0.2% of the value of each transaction

Management fee for foreign securities

Private person: 50,000 € is free of charge, 0.01% fee per month for portfolio value exceeding 50,000 €*

Legal person: 0.01% of portfolio value per month, minimum of 2 €*

Service charge for equity (including the ETF-s) trades on U.S., Nordic, Russian, Canadian, German, Italian, French and Spanish stock exchanges

0.14% of trade value, min 9 €

Service charge for bond transactions

6 € + 0,2%

Service charge for fund shares

Purchase transactions for LHV funds free of charge, sales transaction 1%, max 3 €; Other funds - purchase and sales transaction 1%, max 3 €

Service charge for options

6 € Contract

Baltic analyses

6 € per month

Margin loan

Loan interest for a margin loan starts from 7.5%. Many Baltic securities and most of the securities listed on the foreign stock exchange are suitable as collateral.

Review the terms and conditions, price list and risks of the financial service and consult with our specialist.Income and expenses calculator for securities transactions.
*VAT will be added.


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