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Casco insurance

With Casco insurance, we offer the best insurance cover with the most choices, guaranteeing safety and convenience. Comprehensive insurance is a carefree solution without confusing restrictions.

  • The extensive insurance cover includes your pet, among other things.
  • Evaluate your risk and insurance premium and structure your insurance excess.
  • Fair, prompt and transparent claims handling
  • LHV roadside assistance 24/7

We value our customers’ loyalty and good risk behaviour. If you have insured your car with LHV Insurance for at least two consecutive years and have not had any loss events during this time, we will apply 50% smaller excess than indicated in your insurance contract to the next loss event.

Comprehensive car insurance packages

There are three packages to choose from, one of which (Green Casco) is designed for environmentally-friendly vehicles.


Super Casco

Mega Casco

Green Casco

All-risk insurance
Roadside assistance cover
New value cover

for an extra fee

1 year

Leasing value cover

for an extra fee

50,000 €

Leasing payment cover

for an extra fee

3,000 €

Trailer cover

for an extra fee

1,500 €

Replacement vehicle cover

for an extra fee

30 days

Technical failure cover

150,000 km

Vehicle replacement cost

5 %

Pet cover

2,000 €

Charging station cover

2,000 €

Additional options

Choose an addition

Luggage insurance
Passenger accident

Important information

The insured vehicle in normal use must not be used as a rental vehicle or a taxi; for car-sharing services; or as a training, emergency, courier or security patrol vehicle. If you want to provide such services with your vehicle, indicate the relevant use in the insurance contract.

Before signing the insurance contract, you must inform LHV Insurance of any damage to the vehicle and, when signing the contract, confirm that the vehicle has no damage that is not known to us.

As a minimum requirement, the vehicle must be fitted with an appropriate immobiliser and, in certain cases as requested by us, an additional anti-theft device (alarm or tracking device).

Inform LHV Insurance of any potential increase in the insured risk at the earliest opportunity. An increase in the insured risk is, for example, sale of the vehicle to a new owner, a change in the use of the vehicle, conversion or tuning of the vehicle, or loss of the vehicle keys.


Excess is the part of the loss agreed in the insurance contract that will not be indemnified by LHV. Excess can be defined as a percentage of the amount of loss or as a fixed amount – the higher the excess, the lower the insurance premium. The standard excess is 200 euros.

Assess your risk level and choose a higher excess to save on insurance premiums.

You can choose the following excess rates for Casco insurance.

General excess100 euros200 euros300 euros
Theft100 euros150 euros15%
Windshield damage0 euros*0 euros*10%
Collision with an animal0 euros*0 euros*300 euros
Total destruction100 euros200 euros300 euros

Request a reminder and we will make you a new offer before the end of the current insurance coverage.

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Roadside assistance

To call roadside assistance, call 680 1122 any time, 24 hours a day


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