LEI code

We offer our clients a convenient LEI code administrative service.

At the start of 2018, legal entities will be required to have an LEI code in order to perform transactions with notarised securities.

What is an LEI code?

The LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) is a global legal entity identifier, consisting of a 20-digit alphanumeric code.

Why is an LEI code necessary?

Incorporated entities possessing the right to provide investment services are required to use an LEI code when informing regulatory agencies of transactions performed with securities belonging to a client who is a legal entity. In the case that the legal entity client does not have an LEI code, it will not be possible to complete the reporting obligation and, as a result, it will also not be possible to fulfil the legal entity’s transaction orders.

How to apply for an LEI code?

Legal entities may apply for an LEI code from an authorised issuing organisation, the list of which is presented on the GLEIF homepage.

LEI code administrative service

We apply for an LEI code in the client’s name and renew the code each year. LHV Pank does not issue LEI codes, instead using an authorised LEI issuing organisation for the application.

How does one conclude an LEI administrative service contract?

  • Complete an authorisation document
    Complete the digital authorisation document with your company’s details.

    Authorisation document form
    Sample authorisation document
  • Review the contract
    Review the administrative services contract and its terms and conditions, and complete the contract digitally.

    Download the contract form
    Download the terms and conditions of the contract
  • Sign
    Digitally sign the contract, the terms and conditions, and the authorisation document in one digital container. Send the signed documents to lei@lhv.ee

  • Confirmation
    We will confirm the documents and deduct the initial registration service fee from the client’s bank account. The contract is deemed to have been concluded and the LEI application is submitted in the client’s name.

LEI administrative service price list

Initial LEI code registration for one year

120 €, plus VAT

Annual LEI renewal

80 € per year, plus VAT

If you should have any questions, please write to us at lei@lhv.ee or contact our client support by calling 6 800 400.