LEI code

We offer our clients a convenient LEI code administrative service.

From the beginning of 2018, it will be mandatory for legal entities wishing to trade listed securities to have a valid LEI code.

What is an LEI code?

LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) is a global identifier for legal entities in financial markets.

Why is an LEI code necessary?

Companies with the right to provide investment services must use the LEI code when notifying the supervisory authorities of transactions in securities by a legal person client. If the client does not have a LEI code, it is not possible to fulfil the reporting obligation. Therefore, the Bank is also unable to execute transaction orders of legal persons that do not have a LEI code.

How to apply for an LEI code?

Legal persons can apply for a LEI code from authorised bodies, a list of which is available on the website of the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF).

LEI code management service

We offer our clients a convenient LEI code management service, where we apply for a LEI code for a company on behalf of the company from the LEI code issuing authorised body. Concluding a management service contract for both issuing a new code and retrieving an existing code is quick and easy. The Bank will be responsible for the management and annual update of the code. LHV Pank itself does not issue LEI codes.

How does one conclude a LEI Code Management Agreement?

  • Log in to the LHV internet bank with your username and Smart-ID, mobile-ID or ID card.

  • In the menu, go to “Information and settings” → “Agreements” and select the option to sign an agreement under “LEI Code Management Service”.

  • Conclude the LEI Code Management Agreement.

LEI administrative service price list

Initial LEI code registration for one year

120 €, plus VAT

Annual LEI renewal

80 € per year, plus VAT

If you should have any questions, please write to us at lei@lhv.ee or contact our client support by calling 6 800 400.