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LHV health insurance

In cooperation with Confido, we offer an integral health plan service which is focused on the needs of both companies and employees. With this, we ensure both treatment and preventive health checks for your employees at the best Estonian private medical establishments under the care of top doctors and specialists. We offer prompt health assistance via a helpline, automatic claim handling, an extensive network of partners and a convenient insurance management platform.

  • The largest selection of private medical services
  • Prompt and convenient medical care at clinics and through a network of partners all over Estonia
  • We offer pre-consultations on insurance coverage
  • We offer remote reception
  • We find a suitable top doctor or specialist to resolve every health concern
  • We ensure that claims handling is fast and settlement is easy, with only the deductible to pay

Insurance covers

We offer the following insurance covers:

  • Insurance cover for outpatient treatment
  • Insurance cover for special diagnostics
  • Insurance cover for hospital care
  • Insurance cover for mental health
  • Insurance cover for outpatient rehabilitation
  • Insurance cover for dental care
  • Insurance cover for preventive health checks

We allow employers to insure their employees against permanent disabilities and critical illnesses caused by an accident:

  • Insurance cover for accidents – a permanent disability caused by an accident, a one-time indemnity according to the level of severity of the injury
  • Insurance cover for critical illnesses – treatment expenses and a one-time indemnity

Mitigation of risks

In order to invest into healthier and more motivated employees, you can ensure prompt and convenient medical care for the employees of your company at private medical establishments all over Estonia. Health insurance allows them to find a suitable top doctor or specialist in the event of any health concerns.

Conclusion of contract

To conclude a contract, contact Confido and they will help you find the most suitable health insurance package for your company. Read more.

Report a claim

A critical illness and a permanent disability caused by an accident

Claims under critical illness and accident cover are only handled via LHV

Report a claim

Other notices of insurance claim

If you have received integral health plan services at Confido or its cooperation partner and reported this to Confido at least 24 hours before the booked appointment, your treatment expenses will be automatically indemnified.

If you have used services at another service provider, submit a statement of claim together with documents that certify payment for the services as soon as possible, but no longer than 30 days at the latest after using the services, in order to receive the insurance indemnity.

For more information, please contact Confido.


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