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LHV helps your business grow

  • The best everyday banking services – free transfers within Europe and a user-friendly internet bank and mobile app
  • Take your business to a new level – flexible financing products that meet your company’s needs
  • One system for processing all payments – convenient for you and your customers

Exclusive offers from our partners for LHV business customers

The best offers are available to business clients at the locations of LHV’s partners, that make the development of business even more simple and affordable.

European payments are free at LHV
Calculate how much money you will save if you make your transfers from LHV

Monthly savings of
Yearly savings of
LHV service fees
Monthly fee for an account0 €
European payments0 €
Virtual card0 €
1 Debit card (monthly payment)2,00 €
Cash withdrawals0 €
Cash deposit0 €
Total2,00 €

Did you know that

there’s no down payment on microloans?

Did you know that

LinkPay payment link lets your customers easily pay their bill with Apple Pay?

Did you know that

the minimum deposit amount is 100 euros?

Did you know that

an LHV securities account gives you access to all major securities on Baltic, US, Nordic and European markets?

Did you know that

LHV Connect is completely free for LHV business clients?

Did you know that

LHV Salary Payment lets you pay employees their salaries and declare state taxes over one convenient channel?

Did you know that

factoring helps hedge the risks arising from customers being insolvent?

Opening a corporate account

  • If you are already a private customer of LHV, log in to the internet bank or mobile app with your username and Smart-ID, mobile ID or ID card. If you are not a private customer of LHV, you can start opening a business customer account from the homepage.

  • Navigate to the “Information and settings” → “Agreements” menu option or if you are in the mobile app, tap the “+” icon and sign the “Company account” agreement.

If you wish, you can open a company account at our Tallinn, Tartu or Pärnu bank office. For that, please book a time for the meeting and bring a valid identity document with you.

Read more about options available for non-resident account opening

Opening a start-up account

To establish a company, you can open a temporary bank account called a start-up account. To open the online start-up account you will need to make a monetary contribution quickly and easily in the electronic Commercial Register interface.

Read more about the start-up account options


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