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LHV Savings Account can make your dreams true

With our Savings Account, you will be saving money toward a target amount set by you and you earn interest on the account balance

  • Separate account for more successful saving
  • Interest rate 2% a year
  • Speed up your progress with micro-saving
  • Withdrawals not limited by time or by service charges
  • Simple and playful interface
  • Easy to manage on the online bank and mobile app

What is LHV Savings Account?

Save toward one or more targets

Quickly and conveniently set a target that’s right for you

Personalize it

Change the icon and colour scheme to a personalized view

Get feedback

  • The calculator feature gives an estimate of the pace of savings
  • Overview of progress toward the target
  • Graphic visualization of the savings trajectory
  • Overview of the gains every month

Withdrawal of funds

  • At any time
  • No service charge
  • Playful graphics give you an opportunity to think twice about whether to dip into your savings

Different options for the saving process

One-time deposit

Transfer funds at the time and in the amount that’s right for you

Recurring saving

Set up the amounts and times as you deem fit


Every card payment you make grows your balance a little

2% interest rate

  • Interest is calculated every day
  • Interest shows up on the account once a month
  • The smallest payout amount is 1 cent, meaning you earn interest if your Savings Account balance is at least 90 euros
  • While you save toward your target, we provide a boost in the form of interest payments
  • Receipt of the previous month’s compound interest allows interest to accrue on a larger balance the next month

How to open a Savings Account?

  • Open a bank account and conclude an agreement
    If you’re not yet an LHV client, open a private customer account

  • Get ready to activate the account
    Select a name for the account and the date for reaching your target, play with the icon and colours

  • Select the savings options
    Consider whether you want to start saving with a one-time or standing deposit or opt for microsaving instead

  • Good luck!
    You’re one important step closer to your target!


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