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Find a suitable investment product

Crypto assets

Buy and sell the most popular crypto assets

Growth Account

Easiest way to invest your savings. Start with as less as 1 euro.


Invest money with every card payment.

Demand deposit

Use money according to your needs.

Fixed-term deposit

Keep money safely deposited.

Virtual account

Learn stock trading with virtual money.

Portfolio management

Let the expecrts from LHV to manage your investments.


A widest selection of instruments and a direct access to the world’s biggest markets.


Trade with leveraged FX and CFD instruments.

Baltic analysis

Latest market overviews and analysis of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian companies.

Margin loan

Apply for a loan against the collateral of your portfolio for purchasing and subscription of stocks.

Securities account

A single account to purchase Baltic and other securities.

The ABCs of investing

How to start investing at LHV?

First, enter into an LHV client agreement and then an investment services agreement, so that you can start using the free LHV securities account service. You can then enter into additional agreements for use of services through our Internet bank. Services such as Growth AccountBaltic Analysis and LHV Trader are available to you.

Separate your investments from everyday transactions

To make it easier to file tax returns, we recommend separating your investments from everyday settlements right at the start. To do so, open a new bank account and designate it as your investment account.

This allows you to defer the income tax on interest from LHV Group securities received on your account.

Select the product that interests you

Use the LHV investment product screener to view our products and services and select the ones you find suitable.

Securities trading

We have put together a simple guide on placing a stock order in the Internet bank and mobile app.

Investment ideas and news

To garner investment ideas and exchange information in this field, keep an eye on the LHV financial portal. It might also benefit you to attend a free seminar in the Investment School series and read the works in the LHV Library.

Investing for a child

Start by concluding a customer agreement and then open Growth Account for your child. Once your child is older than 7 years it is possible to order him/her a LHV Youth Card to help build a nest egg through microinvesting taking place in the background.

A convenient and automated way to transfer money to the Growth Account is by standing order. No management fee is charged on this account until the child reaches the age of 26.

Read more about the LHV Youth Bank.

Investing for individuals

The state has set up an investment account system for individuals. It can be used to defer taxation of capital gains until you withdraw more money than you have deposited.

Another option is to choose the ordinary system. In this case, you will be declaring the gains from securities transactions in the previous year and paying tax on the gains annually.

Have a look at the investment account guide put together by the Ministry of Finance and read through the FAQ on LHV’s website.

Investing via a company

If you would like to use a private limited company for investment, you will have to obtain a LEI code. Keep in mind that the company’s monthly accounting must be maintained, with tax returns filed each month.

Declaring taxes

In the Internet bank you can automatically generate an investment account report and send it to the Tax and Customs Board. Compared to doing it manually, this will simplify the process of filing taxes annually.

If you have not notified the Tax and Customs Board that you are executing securities transactions through an investment account, use the tax report and enter data on to the tax return manually.

Read more about how to declare investment income on behalf of a child.

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