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What can the gift card be used for?

The gift card gives you the chance to treat someone special to you with a special gift. Cultivating an interest in investing is an exciting, long-lasting and valuable gift.

There can be many reasons for giving a gift: a birthday, a wedding, the start or end of a school year, Christmas, a shared anniversary, and many more. You can choose the suitable amount and add it to the gift card, along with your personal greetings.

How do you use the gift card?

  • Choose and save a gift card with a design of your choice
    We have many differently designed gift cards for you to choose from. Save the gift card file to your computer or phone. Add the amount to the gift card and, if you wish, specify which securities it is intended for. You can also add a personal greeting.

  • Transfer the appropriate amount to the recipient’s account
    Transfer the amount of money indicated on the gift card to the recipient’s bank account. If interested, the gift recipient can read more about investment opportunities on our website. They will also find valuable advice and useful tips on the ABC of investing page.

    If you would like to make a gift of securities to your minor child, read more about this on the website.

    As a parent, you can carry out the securities purchase transactions in your minor child’s account yourself. If the gift giver is the child’s grandmother, grandfather or close relative, then they themselves cannot buy securities for the minor child. They will be able to transfer money to the parent’s account, and the parent will make the securities transactions they want in the child’s account.

    If the gift recipient is an adult, they must carry out the securities transactions themselves.

  • Send the gift card to the lucky recipient
    Once all the necessary preparations have been made, either send the gift card file to the gift recipient or print out the gift card and hand it over in person. We hope you have a great day of celebration and that the recipient enjoys this special gift!


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