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LHV home loan

The most flexible home loan in Estonia, which is suitable for an informed client acquiring a home. Build yourself a new home or renovate a property that you already own.

  • Initial loan offer within 24 hours
  • Premature repayment of the loan is free of charge
  • New apartment valuation report at an affordable price
  • Interest from 1.49% + 6-month Euribor for buying a new energy class A or B home.
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This is an estimate and may differ from the actual terms and conditions offered.

This is an estimate and may differ from the actual terms and conditions offered.

Down payment for home loan

Investing with LHV Growth Account may allow you to reach the necessary down payment amount faster.
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Already have a home loan?

If you have already taken a home loan from LHV or another bank, and want to purchase another property with a loan, then apply for an LHV private Loan.

Income tax return

Did you know that the state will repay you the income tax accounted on the home loan interest upon filing an income tax return?

Home loan or private loan contract amendment

If you would like to make changes to your contract, please submit us an application that you can find from the loan contract information section in your internet bank.

KredEx surety

Are you a specialist in your field, up to 35 years old, a parent of at least one child or looking to buy an energy-efficient home? We can offer you a home loan with lower self-financing (min. 10%) with a KredEx surety. Read more about the exact terms and conditions on their website.

We seek to promote the construction and buying of energy efficient homes by offering better loan terms for energy class A and B homes. We support decisions that lead to lower climate impacts and increased savings on power bills.

Interest rates starting from 1.49% + 6-month Euribor on purchases of energy class A and B homes

Application process

  • Application
    Fill in a home loan application.

  • Initial loan offer
    You will be notified of your initial loan offer within 24 hours.

  • Documents
    Send the documents requested in the initial offer to

  • Loan decision and agreement
    The final offer and loan agreement will be emailed to you. Sign the contract digitally and send it back to LHV.

  • Notary
    We will book an appointment at a notary, at a time that suits all the parties, to set the mortgage.

  • Payment
    We will transfer the loan to your account within one working day after visiting the notary.

Terms and conditions and price list

Loan amountFrom 20,000 €, up to 85% of the market value of the collateral.
In the case of the KredEx surety, up to 90% of the market value of the collateral.
The total sum of all loan and leasing payments may be up to 50% of the net income. The actual maximum share of loan payments depends on the income and number of members in the family.
Loan periodUp to 30 years
InterestThe interest rate consists of an individual margin and 6-month Euribor rate
Amendment of the agreementstarting from 100 €
Termination of agreementFree of charge
Agreement fee0.5–0.9% of the loan amount (minimum 300 €)
In the case of the KredEx surety, you need to pay an additional suretyship fee of 3% of the surety amount upon conclusion of the agreement.
Grace periodUp to 12 months.
You may extend your parental leave up to 12 months during a period of up to three years after the birth of the child.
Self-financingAt least 15% or with an additional collateral.
In the case of the KredEx surety, at least 10%.
The exact amount required as self-financing depends on the property being purchased.
CollateralReal estate that is in good condition and liquid. In general, we accept assets belonging to the loan recipient or their loved ones as security. We do not accept the only real estate owned by parents and used as their place of residence as additional collateral. We finance up to 85% of the market value of collateral. The precise acceptance rate of collateral depends on the location and condition of the collateral. Notarial transactions can be performed in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Rakvere, Narva, Viljandi, Paide and Kuressaare.
Requirements for an applicant
  • An adult who is an Estonian citizen or holder of a long-term residence permit
  • There have been no payment defaults in the past three years
Required documentsSend to the address
  • collateral insurance contract
  • valuation report or link to the sales ad for the purchased property
  • digitally signed bank statement for the past 6 months (if you are not an LHV client)
In the case of the KredEx surety, you need to submit additional documents that verify you belong to the target group.

If you belong to the young family target group:
  • In the State Portal, please send the notice with your children’s data direct to the e-mail address via the portal.
If you belong to the large family target group:
  • In the State Portal, please send the notice with your children’s data direct to the e-mail address via the portal.
If you belong to the specialist target group:
  • In the State Portal, please send the notice with your education data direct to the e-mail address via the portal.
If you belong to the target group consisting of Defence Forces or Defence League veterans:
  • Please submit a notice that verifies your veteran status. Veteran status can be verified by a notice issued by the Personnel Support Services Centre of the Support Command of the Estonian Defence Forces.

For further information, see the KredEx website.
Apartment valuationWe offer apartment valuations by LHV at an affordable price – 150 €
Real estate appraisers1Partner Kinnisvara, Arco Vara, Colliers International Advisors, Domus Kinnisvara, Kaanon Kinnisvara, Eri Kinnisvara, LVM Kinnisvara, Ober Haus, Pindi Kinnisvara, Tõnisson Kinnisvara, UusMaa Kinnisvarabüroo, RE Kinnisvara, Seven Kinnisvarakonsultandid, Lahe Kinnisvara, Kinnisvaraekspert, Aarete KV OÜ, Newsec Valuations EE OÜ
Financing construction of the house
  • Self-financing requirement is at least 30% of the project cost (land + construction)
  • Self-financing must be paid first
  • We are prepared to finance 50% of the value with the land as collateral, and up to 75% if secured by the market value of the finished house
  • The easiest way to finance home construction is with additional collateral
  • Until the submission of the authorisation for use, the loan interest shall be 1% higher
Required documents
  • Construction budget (compiled by stages of construction, activities to be funded with the loan capital and self-financing listed separately)
  • Valuation report for the registered immovable along with the current and future market value of the registered immovable (provided that the home to be built is finished)
  • Building permit if one exists. The planned date for receiving authorisation for use for the home and planned completion date
  • Name of the builder and licensed owner’s supervision service provider

AS LHV Pank does not provide counselling service in the sense of Section 7 of the Creditors and Credit Intermediaries Act in the provision of loans. The loan applicant makes the decision to take out a loan.

The home loan is offered by AS LHV Pank. Always think through your loan decision carefully. Review the terms and conditions at and ask for advice from our specialist. The annual percentage rate of charge for a home loan is 5,986% on the following sample conditions: loan amount of 120,000 €; interest rate of 5.8% per year (floating, the interest rate consists of 6-month Euribor rate and margin 1.9%); agreement fee of 300 €; period of 360 months; 360 as the number of repayments; and the total amount paid back being 253,645.31 €, with payment in the form of monthly annuity payments. An insurance contract needs to be concluded and a mortgage set for the collateral in order to receive the loan. The rate does not include the expenses related to establishing and insuring the collateral.

Documents and additional information

Loan managers

Client managers

Jaanika Palu-Kripp

Home Loan Manager, team lead

Jana Lemmiksoo

Home Loan Manager (Pärnu)

Kirke Kartau

Home Loan Manager (Tartu)

Liina Mäsak

Home Loan Manager

Siiri Raav

Home Loan Manager

Siret Lillemets

Home Loan Manager

Triin Rüütli

Home Loan Manager (Pärnu)
Large family loan

If you belong to the large family target group

  • A loan can be applied for with only a 5% minimum self-financing requirement. Families where parents or a single parent are raising at least three children up to and including the age of 19 are eligible for a loan at this minimum self-financing level.
  • The KredEx fee is 2% of the guaranteed amount. KredEx offers the bank a guarantee up to 50,000 euros and 40% of the loan.
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LHV Home Insurance

Insurance with the widest protection gives you peace of mind and a sense of security in your new home. LHV home insurance protects your home and items that are in your home or with you anywhere in the world on a total risk basis.

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