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LHV home insurance

Our home insurance offers a sense of security for the homeowner, the tenant, as well as the lessor, because our insurance has all-risk cover without any complicated limits.

  • Possibility to choose loan payment insurance coverage for your home
  • Illegal transactions with a bank card in case of card loss, theft and robbery are insured
  • In case of appliance breakdown or failure, we will reimburse the cost of renting a replacement appliance
  • Portable property is insured worldwide
  • Household property located in a rented small self-storage is also insured
  • With liability insurance, we simultaneously insure the liability related to all your homes located in Estonia

Home insurance packages

Our insurance covers all damage to building and household property resulting from an unexpected event not excluded in the terms and conditions.


Super Home

Mega Home

Green Home

Home assistance for emergencies
Quality items damaged due to a construction error
Entry of precipitation water into a building
Damage caused by snow or ice accumulating on the roof due to heavy snowfall
Faults of home appliances and utility systems
Psychological counselling after an insured event
Green insurance

The Green Home package can only be selected for buildings with Class A energy efficiency.

Additional coverage

Choose an addition

Damage caused by a lessee
Costs of leasing a replacement dwelling
Insurance during building work
Loan payments
Loss of lease income
Liability insurance

Choose an addition

Liability insurance in Estonia
Liability insurance abroad
Pet owner’s liability insurance
Lessee’s liability insurance
Liability insurance for light electric vehicle users

Risk mitigation

How to mitigate financial risks?

You can insure loan payments and the cost of renting temporary housing while your home remains uninhabitable due to an insured event. If an insured event occurs, we will compensate your monthly mortgage and rental payments while your home is being restored.

How to mitigate the risks for rental premises?

You can insure rental premises along with any essential parts and property. If you choose liability insurance, we will compensate you for losses if you are liable for damage caused to the neighbours of your rental premises or the tenant. You can also insure against damage to the premises or home contents caused by the tenant and for the loss of rental income while the rental premises remain uninhabitable due to an insured event.

How to mitigate the risks associated with home building and repairs?

If you plan to carry out building or repair work at home, you should take out insurance to cover this by choosing additional protection for damage caused by construction or repair work. This way you are insured against possible accidents during the work. The insurance cover also includes uninstalled building materials in the extent of up to 5,000 euros.

How to mitigate risks as a tenant?

As a tenant, you can insure the home contents belonging to you that are located in your rental home or that you carry with you. If you choose liability insurance and take additional tenants liability insurance cover, we will compensate you for losses if you are liable for damage caused to the lessor.

You can also insure the cost of renting temporary housing, which means that if the rental premises remain uninhabitable due to an insured event and it is necessary to rent a temporary housing, we will reimburse the additional costs of finding a temporary housing, renting it, and moving back and forth.

Damage assistance and prevention

LHV home insurance is there for you, even before something happens
  • In the event of an accident, we will help you to find a quick solution to the emergency.
  • If you try to prevent an accident but this causes damage to your property, we will compensate you for the losses.
Post damage home assistance
  • If damage has occurred, we help to eliminate the consequences, such as drying surfaces after water damage or covering a broken window.
  • If a thief has broken a door or a window, we will arrange for your home to be guarded.
  • If you need to temporarily move elsewhere due to an insured event, we will help you to find and to move to temporary housing.

Learn more about our home assistance service

Damage prevention assistance
  • In case of danger, we help to eliminate the source of the hazard, such as by fixing a leaking pipe.
  • If a door lock is broken, does not work, or the key is lost, we will replace the lock.
If you need help quickly, call 680 1122
  • LHV home assistance is available to you 24 hours a day and without excess.

Request a reminder and we will make you a new offer before the end of the current insurance coverage.

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Damage assistance

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