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Test your investment ideas with an LHV virtual account

Choose overdraft facility for more flexible management of working capital

  • Learn investing without actually risking your money
  • Monitor movement of the the security markets and stocks that interest you
  • Test your investment ideas

How do I get started?

  • Register as a user of LHV
    If you are not yet a user of LHV or a client of the bank, register as a user of LHV.

    Open an account at LHV
  • Create a virtual account
    Enter the internet bank, create a virtual account and name the account.

    Create a virtual account
  • Add virtual money to your account
    Select “Money to the account” in the menu in the internet bank.

  • Start trading
    Select “Purchase and sale of shares” in the menu in the internet bank.

Where can I find additional information?

Movements of the share prices on the Tallinn Stock Exchange can be observed at the address and price changes of foreign securities at the address

Take part of our free seminars.

Find interesting books on the topic from our library.

Information on investment and the economy is also available in the LHV financial portal.


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