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Private loan

LHV private loan can be used to finance activities that are important to you

  • Buying or renovating property
  • Furnishing your home
  • Financing larger expenses
  • Investing against the collateral of real estate
  • Premature repayment of the loan is free of charge
Who are private loan clients?

Private loan clients can be those company owners who need a more personalised approach based on their income structure. A private loan is also taken by people buying their second piece of real estate and those investing in real estate. If you have already taken a home loan from LHV or from another bank and you wish to acquire additional real estate with the help of a loan, then apply for the LHV private loan.

How is the loan amount determined?

The desired loan amount is, for example, 30,000 € to renovate an existing house, to which no mortgage has been set for the benefit of another bank. The market value of the house is 100,000 €. According to the bank’s assessment, the acceptance level of the collateral is 60%. This means that the bank is willing to issue a loan in the sum of up to 60,000 € against this collateral.
In addition to the collateral, the loan amount depends on the solvency of the client and their credit history.

Private loan for summer house purchase

  • Financing for up to 70% of summer house value
  • Payment schedule up to 30 years
  • Interest from 3.9% + euribor

Calculate the monthly payment


This is an estimate and may differ from the actual terms and conditions offered.

This is an estimate and may differ from the actual terms and conditions offered.

Price list and terms and conditions

Loan amount

Starting from 30,000 € a maximum of 70% of the market value of the collateral.

The acceptance of the collateral and its percentage rate depends on the location and condition of the collateral. The maximum loan amount also depends on the client’s solvency and credit history.

Contract fee

1% of the loan amount (minimum 300 €)


Agreement up to 10 years, payment schedule up to 30 years.

The client can optimise their loan payments with a bullet schedule, where the payment amount is accounted on the basis of the 30-year payment schedule, while the term of the loan agreement is up to 10 years. The last monthly payment of the tenth year is the sum of all the unpaid principal payments, i.e. the bullet. When ten years have passed, the client’s agreement and loan terms and conditions are reviewed and usually a new agreement is made for the outstanding loan balance for another ten-year period.


Real estate or deposit.

A private loan can be secured against the applicant’s property (e.g. an apartment or a detached house) that has not been encumbered with loan obligations before other banks. Property located in Tallinn, Tartu or their immediate vicinity is preferred. The property that is used as a collateral for the loan must be insured for the whole loan period. A loan can also be secured with deposits. In special cases we also accept the guarantee of a private person as the security.


From 3.5% + euribor.

Apartment valuation

We offer valuation for new apartments at an affordable price – 100 €

Applicant requirements
  • An adult who is an Estonian citizen or has a long-term residence permit.
  • Before making the loan decision, the bank conducts a credit analysis on the applicant, assessing, among other things, their credit history, creditworthiness and the suitability of the collateral.

AS LHV Pank does not provide counselling service in the sense of Section 7 of the Creditors and Credit Intermediaries Act in the provision of loans. The loan applicant makes the decision to take out a loan.

Always think through your loan decision carefully. Review the terms and conditions at lhv.ee/eralaen and ask for advice from our specialist. The annual percentage rate of charge for a private loan is 8,006% on the following sample conditions: loan amount of 30,000 €; self-financing of 30%; interest rate of 4% per year (floating, based on six months’ euribor); agreement fee of 300 €; period of 120 months; and the total amount paid back being 42 932,64 €, with payment in the form of monthly annuity payments. An insurance contract needs to be concluded for the collateral in order to receive the loan. The rate does not include the expenses related to establishing and insuring the collateral.

Home Insurance

Insurance with the widest protection gives you peace of mind and a sense of security in your new home.

LHV home insurance protects your home and items that are in your home or with you anywhere in the world on a total risk basis.


Super Home

Mega Home

Green Home

Quality items damaged due to a construction error
Home assistance for emergencies
Rain and snow water
Damage caused by snow or ice on the roof
Faults of home appliances and equipment servicing the building
Green insurance
Liability insurance

Choose an addition

Liability insurance in Estonia
Liability insurance abroad
Pet owner’s liability insurance
Lessee’s liability insurance
In the event of a loss event

LHV Pank acts as the insurance agent of LHV Kindlustus and is entered in the list of insurance intermediaries published on the website of the Financial Supervision Authority.

Customer support

Call 699 9119 Mon-Fri 9–17 or write to eralaen@lhv.ee

Client managers

Kirke Kartau

Home Loan Manager (Tartu)


Jaanika Palu-Kripp

Home Loan Manager, team lead


Karin Aasmäe

Home Loan Manager (Tartu)


Kadi Peling

Home Loan Manager


Siiri Raav

Home Loan Manager


Karit Laukus

Senior Home Loan Manager


Liina Mäsak

Home Loan Manager


Maris Kesselmann

Home Loan Manager


Siret Lillemets

Home Loan Manager


Iti Pihlak

Home Loan Specialist


Liisa Siirak

Home Loan Specialist


Marit Priisalu

Home Loan Specialist


Joosep Paasik

Credit Card and Student Loan Specialist



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