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Micro loan always helps your company

Loan for the growth of a microenterprise or the next leap in its development

  • From € 5,000 to € 50,000
  • Self-financing 0%
  • No collateral required
  • Interest from 6% + euribor

Calculate the monthly instalment


The result is approximate and may differ from the terms and conditions offered to you.

Application process

  • Complete an application
    Complete a micro loan application.

  • Submit documents
    Please send the following documents to the address last year’s annual report, balance sheet and income statement (not older than 2 months).

  • Loan decision
    You will be notified of the loan decision within five business days after submitting the documents.

  • Conclude the agreement
    Sign the loan and surety agreement digitally. The loan amount will be transferred into the company’s account.

Price list and terms and conditions

For whom

Micro enterprise in its growth phase

Intended purpose

For the development of business, for example, purchasing equipment or machinery, obtaining working capital or making other small investments

Loan amount

5,000 € to 50,000 €


Not required


1 to 6 years


from 6% + euribor

Agreement fee

1.5% of the loan amount, minimum 150 €


Guarantee for a private individual or legal person

Requirements for the borrower
  • Private or public limited company registered and operating in Estonia
  • Up to 9 employees (incl.)
  • Turnover and/or balance sheet total of up to 2 million € per annum
  • No insolvency proceedings have been initiated concerning the company.
  • The company, the parties connected to it and the guarantor have had no payment or tax arrears in the past two years.

Familiarize yourself with the conditions and, if necessary, ask for advice from our expert by calling one of the business loan managers below or by writing to

The European Investment Fund guarantee

Micro loan benefits from a guarantee funded by the European Union under the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) and the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI) set up under the Investment Plan for Europe. The purpose of EFSI is to help support financing and implementing productive investments in the European Union and to ensure increased access to financing.

  • Promote the availability of funding for vulnerable segments of the population wishing to set up or develop their own company.
  • Assist micro enterprises whose collateral is of insufficient value to be able to take out a regular loan.
  • Simplify financing solutions for developing companies.

Additional information about the programme is available on the websites of the European Investment Fund and the European Commission:
EaSI Financial Instruments
EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI)
Supporting entrepreneurs and the self-employed - Microfinance
Supporting entrepreneurs and the self-employed - Social entrepreneurship

Company (private or public limited company) registered and operating in Estonia, owned by:

  • persons wishing to develop their micro enterprises;
  • persons who have lost or are at risk of losing their jobs, who have been away from the labour market and are experiencing difficulty re-entering the labour market as a result, and who have set up micro enterprises;
  • persons at risk of or subject to social exclusion or having difficulty getting a regular loan since they are considered too young or too old, or if they have a physical disability;
  • persons concerning whom no insolvency proceedings have been initiated.

EThe EIF guarantee does not apply when the company operates in a prohibited area of activity.


Marko Kiisa

Head of SME Financing

680 2650

680 2650

Kristi Liiv

Business Loan Manager

680 2629

680 2629

Helena Elster

Business Loan Manager

684 8235

684 8235

Mandi Soome

Business Loan Manager

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684 6837

Britta Arrak

Business Loan Manager


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