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Trade finance – factoring

Factoring helps to direct cash flows and mitigate risks arising from the insolvency of buyer

Make money that you will receive in the future available today

Use the invoice management service

Mitigate risks arising from the insolvency of buyers

Factoring Limit available starting from 100,000 €

What is factoring?

Is a large portion of your company’s current assets comprised of invoices received from buyers? If this is the case, we can provide you with help via factoring. The factoring service means that we finance the invoices submitted to buyers and collect the receipt thereof.

If you were to add credit insurance to the factoring service, the payment holidays of corporate buyers would be better protected against.

Factoring advantages

  • Simple and fast financing – takes into account the development of a company or seasonality
  • Additional security is generally not required – partially received invoices act as the security
  • Opportunity to offer buyers better payment terms and conditions – the competitiveness and liquidity of your company will improve
  • Mitigation of risks arising from the insolvency of buyers – if credit insurance is added, the risk associated with buyers decreases
  • The Bank communicates directly with the buyers – the payment behaviour of buyers improves

Transaction procedure

  • The Seller sells the goods or provides the service to the buyer specified in the factoring agreement.

  • The Seller submits documents certifying the sale of the goods or service to the Bank.

  • The Bank pays up to 90% of the invoice amount to the Seller and waits for the receipt of payment from the Buyer.

  • When the sum has been received from the Buyer, the Bank pays the retained invoice amount to the Seller.


Enn Leet

Head of Trade Finance

684 6163

684 6163

Annika Virolainen

Trade Finance Product Manager

684 6911

684 6911

Marge Kütt

Trade Finance Product Manager

684 6184

684 6184

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