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LHV corporate insurance

LHV Kindlustus gives you, as an entrepreneur, peace of mind so you have less to worry about and more time to focus on the success of your business. We provide insurance cover against a wide range of sudden and unforeseen risks.

You can insure your company’s assets, loss of operating profit due to business interruption, fixed and other costs, and civil liability claims.

Good to know! With LHV corporate insurance you can also insure your apartment association’s property and civil liability.

  • Design the right insurance cover for your business
  • You can protect portable items (such as laptops) anywhere in the world with insurance
  • For equipment, you can choose internal breakdown insurance cover
  • Take care of the company’s civil liability
  • Insure yourself against employees’ reimbursement claims for occupational accidents and diseases
  • LHV corporate insurance offers the following insurance covers: property insurance, business interruption insurance, general third party liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance.

Property insurance

Property insurance covers all sudden and unforeseen damage to company’s property, which is not excluded in the terms and conditions.

Property insurance

Sudden and unforeseen event during policy period

Extensions to the insurance cover

Damage to the non-defective component of the insured item as a result of faulty workmanship or a construction defect
Additional fee
Damage caused by snow or ice accumulated on the roof
Additional fee
Precipitation and melt water entering the building
Additional fee
Internal breakdown of a building utility system
Additional fee
Damage caused by regular repair and maintenance work
Additional fee
Damage caused by construction works
Additional fee
Damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence on the part of the lessee or tenant
Additional fee
Damage caused by internal breakdown of machinery and equipment
Additional fee
Extension of the scope of insurance cover to portable items
Additional fee

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance covers damage caused by the interruption or disruption of company’s business activity resulting from damage to company’s property.

Business interruption insurance

Interruption or disruption of company’s business activity caused by property damage

General third party liability insurance

The general third party liability insurance cover is among others needed by property owners and managers, service providers, industrial companies, educational and leisure institutions and shopping centres. We will reimburse for material damage caused to a third party in the course of an activity covered by the insurance policy.

General third party liability insurance

Personal injury
Property damage
Other material damage
Legal expenses

Extensions to the insurance cover

Contractual liability
Additional fee
Activities of the subcontractor
Additional fee
Third party assets held or used by the company
Additional fee
Gross negligence
Additional fee

Employer’s liability insurance

The employer’s liability insurance is needed by all employers, as accidents at work and occupational diseases do not only affect manual workers.

We will reimburse the employer for claims made by an employee for compensation for material damage caused by an accident at work during the insurance period or a medical diagnosis of on occupational diseases in the event of additional coverage.

Employer’s liability insurance

Personal injury
Property damage
Other material damage
Legal expenses

Extensions to the insurance cover

Insurance cover for health damage arising from occupational disease
Additional fee

Risk mitigation

How does insurance cover sudden and unforeseen risks?

Risk mitigation usually starts with internal risk management. The company assesses the risks in the best interests of the preservation of its assets and the potential risks associated with its business activities. Inevitably, sudden and unforeseen events will occur, which can have unintended consequences.

LHV corporate insurance comes to the rescue to address these consequences. In this way, we reimburse you for any damage to your company’s assets, lost operating profits as a result of an accident and third-party claims. Thus, insurance reduces the risk of financial loss and ensures the sustainability of the business.

How does business interruption insurance cover mitigate a company’s financial risks?

Often the damage to property is much less than the business interruption it causes. To make it easier for your business to manage, for example, fixed costs during a business interruption, we recommend taking out business interruption insurance.

With LHV corporate insurance you can insure property damage caused by an insured event:

  • loss of operating profit;
  • loss of rental and leasing income;
  • fixed costs for the period during which the economic activity of your business is interrupted or limited;
  • other agreed costs.
How does the liability insurance cover the risks of owning property?

Owners of immovable property and the buildings on it have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their buildings and structures and the upkeep of the property. For example, the owner is liable for damage to parts of a building, including the falling of icicles and snow.

In the event of an insured event, we will reimburse claims from third parties and related legal assistance and expert fees.

How to manage risks as an employer?

An accident at work or an occupational disease can result in significant material damage to an employee. In the event of an accident or occupational disease involving an employee, the employer has a legal liability and an obligation to reimburse the employee for the damage suffered.

Under an employer’s liability insurance contract, we will reimburse claims made against the employer based on an accident at work or an occupational disease diagnosed in the employee.

Important information

Please notify us of any increase in insurance risk as soon as possible. To do this, please call 699 9111 or send an email to

Examples of an increase in insurance risk are:

  • changes in the company’s business activities;
  • investment in new assets;
  • construction work on the insurance site;
  • changes in the number of employees and the turnover forecast.

Insurance deductible

Insurance deductible is the amount of money per claim agreed in the insurance contract, which is borne by you as the policyholder.

If the insured object has been damaged or destroyed as a result of more than one insured event, the insurance deductible will be calculated separately for each insured event.

All losses, including claims arising from the same sudden and unforeseen event, will be subject to a single, maximum insurance deductible.

  • The insurance deductible for property insurance is usually 500 euros.
  • The insurance deductible for business interruption insurance is the waiting period, which is usually the first 72 hours from the start of the insured event.
  • The insurance deductible for professional and employer’s liability insurance is generally 500 euros.
  • There is no insurance deductible for legal expenses.

The amount of the insurance deductible is worth considering when assessing the financial capacity of your company. As a general rule, the higher the insurance deductible, the lower the premium.

Damage assistance and prevention

In the event of a property and business interruption claim, we will reimburse the reasonable costs of loss prevention and mitigation, even if they did not produce the desired result. The indemnity limit is 10% of the sum insured on the insured object, up to a maximum of 300,000 euros.

If the amount of the costs exceeds the sum insured for the insured object, we will separately reimburse these additional costs up to a maximum of 100,000 euros per insured event.

We will reimburse the legal costs of claims against your company, even if the claim is later found to be unfounded. We do not apply an insurance deductible for legal assistance costs.

For initial assistance, please call LHV damage assistance on 680 1122.

If you do not need immediate assistance, please notify us of a claim or potential claim from a third party as soon as possible. To do this, please send a damage report through our website, call 680 1122 or email to

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