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LHV Connect enables you to connect your company’s accounting software with our banking service

An easy to use, modern technology that allows companies to develop new and user-friendly applications that are integrated with banking services

  • It is a fast and secure solution which gives you an overview of your accounts in real time
  • Concluding an agreement and using the service is free of charge
Fast processing of incomings and outgoings

LHV Connect is a good fit for your company if you want information on the incomings and outgoings moving through your company’s account to be processed quickly in your information system.

Easily monitored incomings and outgoings

Your accountant can use LHV Connect to make payments and keep track of incomings and outgoings directly in the accounting software.

Convenient daily payments

It is also convenient to use LHV Connect for the company’s own daily payments. As a user of this service it is not necessary to import payments from one programme to another, instead they are sent to the bank immediately.

How to become a client of LHV Connect?

  • Open an account
    Your company must be our client in order to be able to use the LHV Connect service. Opening an account for your company is free of charge.

    Open an account
  • Submit application

    Our partners Merit Software, Simplbooks, Empresa and Standard Books allow you to sign an LHV Connect contract directly in their system.

    Other cooperation partners - SAF (Sysdec AS), Rapid, Briox, Xolo, Vallaste and Partners Joosep, Korto, Hausing, Acclouding, Docura, Bevira, Columbus Estonia, Directo, SmartAccounts, BestIT, Bidrento, Dynamics 365 Business Central (BCS Itera), NOOM, must submit an LHV Connect application. In this case, you can start using Connect as soon as you have signed the contract.

    If you are not a customer of an LHV Connect partner, you need to develop your own software to start using Connect.

    Submit an LHV Connect application
  • Technical prerequisites
    If you would like to develop your own software in order to be able to use Connect, please examine the technical documentation.

Price list and terms and conditions

Conclusion of agreement

Free of charge

Monthly fee

Free of charge

Documents and additional information


In you have any questions, please write to us at the address


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