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Open banking and PSD2 API interface

An easy to use, modern technology that allows companies to develop new and user-friendly applications that are integrated with banking services

  • A fast and convenient way for end users to access their bank accounts
  • Simplicity – open standards in wide use
  • A look at the future – solutions that are sustainable and are riding on tomorrow’s trends already today
  • Secure – users have total control and peace of mind

Open banking

Open banking is a term that refers to new directions in banking, e-commerce and the business world as a whole.

Today’s technical solutions make it possible for companies with verified backgrounds to access, in cooperation with clients, the clients’ bank accounts more easily. This allows the companies to develop new applications that are more convenient and efficient than the ones currently in use. It also opens the door to completely new opportunities and business models.


LHV’s API interface allows transactions to be executed with the client’s consent – payments can be made, account information queried and other bank services used – directly through third-party apps without actually logging into the internet bank or visiting a bank office. Examples include online stores or points of sale or solutions that are still being developed.

LHV API is a RESTful API, which uses HTTP protocol and JSON data format. Our API was developed based on the Berlin Group standard, which means it can be adopted easily and rapidly.


The objective of the EU’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is to open up and better organize the market for electronic means of payment, and create new options for clients – all while ensuring the security of all parties.

The directive imposes uniform rules on banks and third parties and sets out technical requirements that API interfaces must meet as well as requirements for their use.

What types of services does API enable?

  • Queries of account information – makes it possible to query a list of accounts, balances and statements.

  • Initiating payments – allows payments to be made from the account, using all of the options provided by LHV identically to internet banking.

  • Queries of available funds – a service meant for card payment service providers that allows them to query whether sufficient funds exist for a transaction.

How to start using the interface?

Please continue to our Getting Started Page. There you will find all the relevant information about steps for getting Live access, Sandbox test environment, introduction to services, answers to FAQ and more.


In case of questions, write to us at


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