‘Investing for Beginners Basic Training Course’ to be launched for the second time


Already on 17 January, LHV is once again launching the ‘Investing for Beginners Basic Training Course’, a series of six free seminars aimed at sharing the basics of investing. The online course will culminate in a test, with the successful graduates receiving a diploma. Participation is also open to those who left the course in the autumn.

According to Sander Pikkel, the Head of Brokerage at LHV, new investor interest is still high against the backdrop of difficult market developments. ‘As usual at the beginning of the year, the number of people starting to manage and grow their assets is high, and over 700 people have already registered for the online course. We want the investment journey to start smoothly. That is the reason why we have put together a course for beginner investors to help them gather the basic knowledge and prepare for investing,’ Pikkel said.

In the autumn, the ‘Investing for Beginners Basic Training Course’ was held for the first time and successfully completed by one in ten participants. According to Pikkel, the bank has received feedback that there are a lot of new people interested in the project, as well as those who want to complete the course. ‘This time it will be possible to join the course halfway through, but we hope that the selected seminars will all offer excitement for the participants. Hopefully, the course will be able to instil confidence in investors for the future,’ Pikkel notes.

The ‘Investing for Beginners Basic Training Course’ will only take place in Estonian. Participation in the course is free of charge for everyone and you do not have to be a client of LHV. The seminars will be held online on six consecutive Tuesdays, starting on 17 January, and will also be available for viewing and listening afterwards upon request. This gives everyone the opportunity to participate, regardless of the location and time of day.

The opening seminar of the course, ‘Investment ABC’, will already take place on 17 January at 15.30. The seminar will provide answers to the questions of what investing is, how to start investing, and what you can invest in first, while also giving practical examples.

LHV has been organising investment-related seminars for those interested for more than 21 years. In total, almost 50,000 people have participated in the seminars over the years. If you need additional information, please visit https://www.lhv.ee/kursus. If you want to register for the course, please visit https://fp.lhv.ee/academy/784.

Course plan:

  • 17 January ‘Investment ABC’
  • 24 January ‘How to invest in the Baltic markets?’
  • 31 January ‘How to trade US stocks?’
  • 7 February ‘Basics of analysis – how to choose stocks?’
  • 21 February ‘Bond investment as an alternative to stocks’
  • 28 February ‘Introduction to macroeconomic indicators’

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