Almost 200 participants successfully completed the LHV "Beginner Investor Basic Course"


The "Beginner Investor Basic Course", which culminated with an exam over the weekend, was successfully completed by 193 investment enthusiasts. Successful graduates of the online course organised by LHV will receive a diploma and the basic knowledge needed to start investing.

There was quite a lot of interest in acquiring investment knowledge, and more than 2,500 participants enrolled in the course. One in ten registrants reached the successful end of the course, i.e. knowledge and a diploma confirming this. Sander Pikkel, Head of Brokerage at LHV, initially expected slightly more active participation: ‘Only some of the participants in the course made it successfully to the end; however, the seminars and recordings were watched by a significant number of investment enthusiasts. The participants who passed the course with flying colours certainly deserve recognition.’

The aim of the course was to provide interested parties with answers to important questions, to provide an overview of investment opportunities and to explain the logic governing the functioning of stock exchanges. More than two thirds of those who opened the exam passed it successfully. ‘It can be said that those who attended the seminars with an open mind successfully acquired the knowledge. Hopefully, the course gave all the participants confidence for the future, enabling them to avoid some of the common mistakes made by beginners,’ said Pikkel.

The most difficult questions were ones with which the starting investor has less practical exposure.

For examinees, the hardest nut to crack was the question of displaying the price of bonds on the stock exchange. Namely, it is displayed as a percentage of the nominal value. In addition, it came as a surprise to many that Estonian retail investors cannot freely buy and sell ETFs traded on the US stock exchanges due to EU regulation and should find an alternative in Europe. There was already less of a misconception that the unemployment rate measures the share of the unemployed in the labour force.

However, those who did not take the exam or struggled with knowledge will be able to do it again at the beginning of next year, if desired, when the spring season of the LHV Investment School starts.

Participation in the “Beginner Investor Basic Course” course is free of charge for everyone and there is no need to be a client of LHV to participate. Those who did not manage to listen to the seminars on time can check them out on the page, if they wish.

LHV has been organising investment-related seminars for those interested for more than 20 years. In total, more than 50,000 people have attended seminars over the years.

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