Stock Shark begins in October


Today marks the date when you can sign up for the most popular stock market game in Estonia – Stock Shark – where the best virtual stock trader will emerge over the next three weeks. The LHV Stock Shark stock market game, which starts in October, will take place for the 21st time already. The goal of the game is to perform virtual security transactions and grow your portfolio without risking actual money in three weeks. The winner of the game, who will be awarded the grand prize of EUR 5,000, is the one whose portfolio has increased most by the end of the game.

Investors of all ages are welcome to participate and participation is free of charge for everyone. An independent ranking is also drawn up for investors of up to 19 years of age, who will receive separate prizes. In addition, teams from various companies, schools, and other collectives are invited to participate in the game in order to find out the best performer among the team or compare which company has the most skilled stock sharks. Membership in a team can be indicated when opening the game portfolio.

According to Sander Pikkel, Head of Brokerage at LHV, Stock Shark is an excellent opportunity to gain your first stock market trading experience without risking actual money. ‘In today’s economic climate, which is rather confusing in terms of the future, the stock market game is the ideal place to make your first forays into the world of investing. In this way, you don’t have to risk real money, and you can compare yourself with both familiar and experienced players,’ said Pikkel.
The Stock Sharks will commence the battle on 3 October, i.e., at a time when the season for companies to publish their third quarter results is in full swing. So there will definitely be no shortage of excitement in the game.

The game takes place on US stock exchanges

Each participant of Stock Shark will receive a virtual portfolio with a value of USD 10,000 and an additional USD 1,000 will be transferred to the portfolio each working day until the end of the game. With the money added to their portfolio, each participant can start building up their share portfolio with shares in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index.

The game will be taking place from 3 October through 22 October 2022, and the winner will be the player whose portfolio is worth most on the market as at 22 October. Registration for the game will be possible from 19 September until the end of the game.

The prize fund of the game is EUR 8,200. The overall winner will receive EUR 5,000, an investment-themed book, two tickets to a conference held by Investor Toomas, and a subscription to the digital editions of Äripäev or Delovõje Vedomosti for one year, depending on the winner’s choice. In addition, the best school-age participant will also be recognised with an award of EUR 1,000, an investment-themed book, and a six-month digital newspaper subscription. At the end of each game week, the player and school-age participant who have increased their portfolio the most will receive a prize of EUR 1,000 and EUR 100, respectively.

Participating in the Stock Shark game is easy. Visit the game website at and register your portfolio. When registering a portfolio, you can indicate your workplace, school or community to make it easier to follow the competition between the members.

The Stock Shark website also includes videos with tutorials to help you better understand what the stock exchange game is about and how to make the first transaction. You can leave comments on the progress of the game in the forum or on the Stock Shark Facebook page.

LHV has organised the investment game Stock Shark for 21 years already, and over 45,000 people interested in investing have participated in the game over the years. Last year’s winner was Elvin Heinla, who managed to increase his investments by 42.7% in three weeks.

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