Podcast Turutegijad has debuted


LHV has debuted a new podcast Turutegijad, which focuses on what is happening in the world of investment.

‘The number of investors has grown rapidly, with more people wanting to get a good overview of what is happening on the stock exchanges. In the new podcast, we aim to cover hot topics as well as to raise awareness. Understanding the investment world may also be a challenge for a knowledgeable investor because there are many events with which you need to familiarize yourself with, and this can be a real challenge. With the help of our experts, we can simplify the making of informed decisions for both experienced and novice investors and help all listeners to invest more successfully,’ said Andres Suimets, Head of Investment Services at LHV.

In the podcast Turutegijad, LHV experts give a weekly overview of what is happening on the markets with a focus on both global markets and our home exchange. In addition, once a month, the portfolio management episode covers topics discussing successful long-term investment.

The podcast Turutegijad regularly includes experts Nelli Janson and Sander Pikkel, from the Brokerage Department; Head of Investment Services Andres Suimets; economic analyst Kristo Aab; portfolio managers Kaius Kiivramees and Mikk Taras; and senior analyst Karl Tiit. In addition, Turutegijad invites exciting guests to join the podcast, who are able to share their own journey as an investor, and representatives of publicly traded companies, who showcase the way their businesses work. Podcasts are usually in Estonian.

The first podcast of the weekly Turutegijad broadcast can be listened to at https://www.spreaker.com/show/turutegijad. Search for the new investment podcast in common podcast apps as well. Happy listening!

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