LHV to support entrepreneurial communities with EUR 20,000

30. March 2021

LHV has launched a competition titled ‘Who does it?’ for local communities, aimed at financially supporting the construction or repair of buildings or objects of significant value to the community.

‘Who does it?’ is LHV’s Home Repair Loan support programme, which was launched last year when the bank noticed the active community of Leesi Village, which had decided together to breathe new life into its historic market building. LHV supported the Leesi community’s venture with EUR 15,000. This year, the ‘Who does it?’ support fund is already EUR 20,000, which will be distributed based on the decision of the jury.

The Chairman of the Management Board at LHV Pank, Kadri Kiisel, encourages people and communities all over Estonia to get acquainted with their homeland with open eyes and minds. ‘Our vision has always been a country where people dare to think boldly and do great things. There is a stately building or neglected object to be found in each of our neighbourhoods that actually holds significant community value. It does not matter whether it is a building, park area, song festival grounds or other site – what is important is that it has a positive impact on the life of the community, brings people together, and offers them new value,’ Kiisel said.

To this end, LHV is waiting for ideas and project plans, in order to select those whose activities will be financially supported this time. Projects will be accepted until the end of April, and the selected projects will be announced by the end of May.

‘As early as last year, we were contacted by several communities, who were inspired by the Leesi community and shared their ideas to restore some interesting objects. Now is your chance – join forces, write down your thoughts, describe to whom and why the construction or restoration of the object is important, and make yourself visible,’ encouraged Kiisel.

What matters is not the availability of a fully professional construction or business management team, but motivation and good planning skills. It all starts with a good idea – afterwards there will also be like-minded people with whom to carry out the idea.

Read more about the ‘Who does it?’ support programme, application process, and preparation of the project plan.

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