LHV reduced the interest rate of green home loan and leasing

17. March 2021

Making environmentally sustainable decisions is picking up speed, and to facilitate this even further, LHV Pank reduced the interest of green loans intended for private persons. The interest rate of both the green home loan and green leasing is now 1.95%, plus the 6-month euribor.

“Decisions related to housing and to vehicles are central to people’s consumption, both in terms of financial cost and environmental impact. So that it would be easier for our clients to prefer as environmentally sustainable solutions as possible, we are actively offering favourable green loan products,” said Chairman of the Management Board of LHV Pank Kadri Kiisel.

“Since an increasingly higher proportion of buildings belong to Energy Class A, the green home loan is also becoming increasingly more popular: in February, every sixth home loan granted by us was green. We decided to lower the interest rate of both the home loan and green leasing to a uniform, lower than usual level, so that the benefit of green decisions would be even clearer,” Kiisel added.

With LHV green leasing, the bank favours the purchase of the most climate-friendly vehicles. When charging with renewable energy, a fully electric car is currently the most environmentally friendly choice. LHV offers leasing for new fully electric vehicles purchased for regular use on the following terms: with a down payment starting from 10% of the vehicle’s price, a leasing period of up to 84 months, and an interest rate of 1.95% + 6-month euribor.

By offering the LHV green home loan, the bank promotes the construction and purchase of the most energy-efficient homes. This loan is intended for the purchase of Energy Class A housing, and LHV offers the green home loan also with the interest rate of 1.95% + 6-month euribor. Choosing an energy-efficient home has a long-term positive effect on both people’s wallets and the environment.

LHV Group is the largest domestic financial group and capital provider in Estonia. LHV Group’s key subsidiaries are LHV Pank, LHV Varahaldus, and LHV Kindlustus. LHV employs over 540 people. LHV’s banking services are used by 269,000 clients, and pension funds managed by LHV have 179,000 active clients. LHV’s UK branch offers banking infrastructure to 140 international financial services companies, via which LHV’s payment services reach clients around the world.

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