LHV’s clients can now also pay with Android phones

17. November 2020

While Apple Pay reached LHV clients in the spring, then as of today, Google Pay is also available in Estonia, and LHV’s clients specifically are among the first who can use it.

Making contactless payments with your phone is a very comfortable and secure method for paying at a store, restaurant, on the Internet, in apps, and in many other places. By using Google Pay, you will no longer need to carry your bank cards with you. You only need to swipe your phone above the terminal, and the payment is completed.

Kadri Kiisel, the Head of Retail Banking at LHV, is glad that the payment solution intended for Android users reached clients this year. ‘Contactless payments have become very popular in Estonia, and people increasingly prefer to use modern payment solutions. As a bank that is oriented towards innovation, we are glad that this year we have been able to provide our clients with an opportunity to make payment using Apple, Garmin, Fitbit, and now, Android devices as well. A truly comfortable and secure method for contactless payment for one’s purchases, especially during the current period when viruses are spreading’, said Kiisel.

As with all payment methods utilising smart devices, Google Pay is also very secure, since with every purchase transaction, a number linked to the device and a unique transaction code is used. Card data will also never be stored in your device, the service provider’s servers, or communicated to merchants. To ensure further security in the functioning of the service, you could assign yourself a Google PIN.

You can pay using all Android devices that have NFC – Near-Field Communication – enabled. For setup, you need to open the LHV mobile app, activate Google Pay under card information, and ensure that contactless payments are enabled for the device and that Google Pay has been designated as the primary method of payment, i.e., the default application.

If you still encounter issues with using Google Pay, the place of purchase of your phone or specialists may be of help in setting it up. Since the range of Android devices is very extensive, and setup differs from model to model, the best instructions for setting up the specific device may also be found on the Internet.

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