Green Home Loan Gaining Importance

14. October 2020

September saw every tenth home loan granted by LHV be a green home loan - home buyers have become more and more aware of making environmentally friendly choices. Green home loan allows the clients to get the best loan terms from LHV.

LHV Bank started offering a green home loan in May with the aim of promoting the construction and acquisition of the most energy-efficient homes. It is intended for the purchase of energy class A housing; LHV offers a green home loan with a favourable interest rate of 2.1% + 6 month euribor.

According to Catlin Vatsel, LHV’s Head of Private Financing, green home loans accounted for 10% of LHV’s new home loan sales in September; the same trend has also continued in October. “We have noticed that clients are increasingly aware and more positively minded about making green choices in order to get a lower interest rate on the loan. Recently, more energy class A terraced houses have been acquired; this option is well suited for doing this. The guaranteed favourable interest rate allows clients to make an informed decision quickly,” said Vatsel.

Decisions related to housing are central to human consumption, both in terms of financial cost and environmental impact. As much as a third of the annual CO2 footprint of the average Estonian resident is related to his or her home; more precisely, and primarily, to emissions from heating and electricity use. Therefore, choosing an energy-efficient house has a long-term positive effect on both people’s wallets and the environment.

LHV also offers green leasing, green hire-purchase and green pension funds, in addition to green home loans.

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