Exclusive offers from our partners for LHV business customers

Omniva is an international logistics company based on 100% Estonian capital - we offer a wide range of services and our delivery modules are easily integrated with your company's website or e-shop. We have more than 1,200 delivery check points in the Baltics, of which approx. 470 are located in Estonia (including approx. 40 unique locations where competitors cannot reach).

  • Omniva offers LHV business customers a 20% discount on parcel services in the Baltic region
  • The offer applies to all LHV business customers who are not yet Omniva business customers
  • The promotional period lasts 90 calendar days, after which the standard price list for Omniva's business customers applies
  • In order to receive a discount, LHV business customers must write to ariklient@omniva.ee, using the password "LHVOMN". LHV business customers can get further instructions from our representatives.

Directo business software special offer for LHV business customers:
Unlimited amount of additional users for the base or production package of Directo business software for the next 6 months.

The offer is valid for companies that conclude a new Directo business software base service contract.
Directo is a web-based integral business software solution that combines all the components for successful business activities. As a versatile and flexible software solution, Directo is the only right choice for both small companies starting up and long-established large enterprises.

By using Directo in your business activities, you will get:

  • A first-class tool, where the work processes of your company function smoothly in one place (sales, purchases, financial matters, including salaries, warehouse, project management, CRM, etc.)
  • Automatically send all payments from Directo business software to LHV Internet Bank and forward bank statements from LHV directly to Directo (LHV Connect)
  • Real-time access to data for all the key persons regardless of time and place
  • A top-level secure service, as Directo is a business software solution certified under ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • Constant software updates and upgrades, which correspond to the needs of your business and the requirements of the changing business environment
  • Smooth and professional identification of needs, and software
  • Free of charge professional user support service which is just a phone call, e-mail or chat away

Information about the special offer and the participation

The offer can be used by LHV business customers who make a request to use Directo business software no later than 30.09.2023 and sign a new Directo business software service contract no later than the end of 2023.

Standard Books by Excellent is free of charge for the first three months.

Standard Books is a cloud-based business software adapted for the Estonian market. However, it is not just an accounting program – Standard Books contains about 30 modules that support the everyday business activities of the entire company, including accounting, sales management, maintenance service, logistics, real estate and customer management, and production. The software also contains other business analysis and management tools. Standard Books makes running the company’s business activities simple, flexible and understandable for both managers and accounting and financial management specialists.

  • In order to gain the right to use the program free of charge for the first three months, send a message that you are an LHV business customer to myyk@excellent.ee. The offer is open to companies who are using Standard Books for the first time.
  • From the fourth month, the monthly fee indicated in Standard Books by Excellent’s price list will apply.

The service provider is Excellent Business Solutions Eesti AS and you can contact them at myyk@excellent.ee should you have any questions. More information is available on our website.

PoS systems for the Horeca sector from CompuCash

Simplify your cash register system with CompuCash, and get the first 2 months free with a bank terminal and maintenance included, exclusively for Horeca business customers.

CompuCash was created to simplify sales transactions, avoid losses in relation to money and goods, keep business activities under control and enable the provision of high-quality customer service.

  • Easy to use
    CompuCash as the fastest and easiest PoS system on the market is used by more than 10,000 people in Estonia every day.

  • Easy to integrate
    CompuCash makes work easier. Integrate CompuCash with your accounting programme, payment solution, surveillance system or e-store.

  • Marketing opportunities
    CompuCash supports marketing. Manage your client base. Analyse and carry out campaigns, create loyalty solutions and e-store interfaces.

  • Customer support and equipment maintenance
    As a CompuCash customer, you will have round the clock maintenance and assistance service at your disposal.

For additional information and requests, please contact us here. To receive a discount add the keyword "LHV business customer".

Creating a website and e-shop with the help of Voog at a 50% discount

Find one of the designs by top Estonian designers in Voog and set up your website in as little as 15 minutes.

LHV customers receive a 50% discount on all Voog order types and time periods with the code "LHV".

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Charlot office supplies –20%

Charlot office supplies –20% and many other discounts
The following discounts are available to the business clients of LHV in the first 12 months following the conclusion of an agreement:

  • 20% discount on office supplies,
  • 7.5% discount on office appliances,
  • 7.5% discount on office consumables.

To receive a discount, contact info@charlot.ee with the keyword "LHV business customer".

Folderit — intuitive, affordable and secure document management

The most user-friendly document management system in the world used by some of the best-known brands in Estonia and in 58 countries around the world.

Managing your contracts, invoices and any other type of documents has never been easier. LHV Business Clients enjoy a 20% discount.

  • 256-bit encryption, SSL-connections, 3x Backups, 2-Factor Authentication and full Audit Trails
  • Access management with user groups (incl. AD)
  • Custom Metadata fields with different data types
  • Advanced Search with multilingual OCR
  • Approval Workflows and e-Sign workflows (eID and DocuSign)
  • Office 365 integration for creating and editing documents online
  • Document numbering system, reminders, version management, reports and more
  • Windows app for file syncing from PC
    Video introductions at: https://www.folderit.com/knowledge-base/demo-video/
    More info at: https://www.folderit.com

Try free of charge for 2 months

Send attractive sales invoices

  • The Sliptree invoicing programme is meant for beginning and small enterprises
  • Compiling invoices is simple and does not require training
  • Sliptree is available in 15 languages. Send your client an invoice in their native language.
  • Sliptree’s system verifies the VAT code of your client from the database, so that you would not need to pay fines later to the Tax and Customs Board due to trade of goods within the European Union.
  • At the end of the month, you can send all sales invoices to your accountant with a single mouse click
  • You get a great overview of the paid and unpaid invoices
  • Start the two-month free trial period of Sliptree now

To receive the discount, write to support@sliptree.com after creating an account and mention "LHV offer" as the keyword. You can read more about Sliptree on their website.

Try SimplBooks for free for three months

SimplBooks is the easiest accounting software for small businesses looking for an invoicing and accounting solution. SimplBooks already has over 10,000 users. The advantages of SimplBooks for newly established businesses are:

  • simple and convenient to use
  • good overview of finances
  • automated processes
  • free e-invoicing
  • many functions in one package – sales invoices, purchase invoices, offers, design options for invoices and price offers, support for payroll, stock and fixed assets, value added tax return (KMD), income tax and social tax return (TSD) and intra-Community supply (VD) declaration forms, interfaces with banks and e-stores and much more
  • free customer support along with instructions and videos
  • free software updates
  • unlimited number of users and ability to assign different user privileges to different users
  • very affordable monthly fee after the free trial ends
  • average review score on Google – 5.0: (84 reviews).

As a special offer for new business clients, you can get a free 3-month trial of any SimplBooks service plan (valued at least 53.64 euros). The discount is activated by entering the code “LHV3” on the registration form on www.simplbooks.ee after you have registered as an LHV business client.

The discount is valid for three months after you enter the code and it can be activate until 31 December 2024. The offer is meant for new SimplBooks clients. The service provider is SimplBooks OÜ. Write to support@simplbooks.ee if you have any questions.

Discounts at LHV’s partners can be used by all business clients of LHV (incl. self-employed persons), who have concluded a client agreement with LHV and opened an account at LHV Pank.

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