Terms and Conditions of Salary Payment

  1. Salary Payment is a service offered in cooperation between AS LHV Pank (LHV) and the Tax and Customs Board (MTA) to simplify* the filing of the “Declaration of income and social tax, unemployment insurance premiums and contributions to mandatory funded pension” (Form TSD).

  2. Using the Salary Payment requires e-Tax access for the authorised person—bookkeeper´s package.

  3. All payments made as Salary Payments are added to the declaration and the declaration is confirmed automatically. If there are any mistakes in the declaration or the declaration is amended in the e-Tax environment with subsequent entries, the declaration must be confirmed in the e-Tax environment and is not confirmed automatically.

  4. The Salary Payment enables one to add the payments of salary, dividends, sickness payment, management board member’s fee, minimum social tax and payment for provision of services (not employment) to Form TSD. Other payments that are to be included in Form TSD must be declared in the e-Tax environment.

  5. LHV has employed all security measures to maintain the confidentiality of the tax details revealed to the executor on the authorisation of the executor of the Salary Payment. Confidential tax details are only used for the provision of the Salary Payment service.

  6. By accepting these terms and conditions, the client gives the following authorisations to LHV and the Tax and Customs Board:

    • for LHV to forward to MTA the data provided to LHV during the execution of Salary Payments and to became knowledgeable of the tax obligation related to the execution of the Salary Payment;
    • for MTA to regard the details presented for the taxation period through the Salary Payment service to be conclusively filed and Form TSD to be confirmed, if MTA does not find any mistakes in the declaration on the due date of filing Form TSD and no changes have been initiated in the data entered for Form TSD through the Salary Payment service.
  7. By accepting these terms and conditions the client confirms that they have the obligation to verify that the declaration is filed to the Tax and Customs Board and the taxes are paid.

  8. LHV is not responsible for the timely filing of the declaration and the payment of taxes.