People recommend LHV Pank to their friends because the bank is simply the best


LHV Pank, recently named the best bank in Estonia for the fifth consecutive year by the business magazine Euromoney, has also found increasing favour among its clients, as revealed by client surveys and feedback.

Although everyone certainly has their own preference among the different service providers, LHV Pank, which is based on Estonian capital, has emerged as the leader in quality and customer experience in the local banking market in recent years, according to various surveys and awards. A large number of new clients have joined LHV, and at the same time the bank itself has put the emphasis on offering the best service and convenient banking products.

The result of this year’s brand survey was a rise in LHV’s net promoter score among clients to 78. The net promoter score is calculated on the basis of the number of promoters, i.e., the percentage of clients who would definitely recommend the service provider to others. The satisfaction of LHV’s clients is demonstrated by a comparison with the average of the largest Estonian banks, which is a score of 20. In international comparison, a range of 0 to 30 is considered a normal benchmark of the net promoter score for financial sector companies. The net promoter score was measured by the survey company Kantar Emor.

According to the Chairman of the Management Board of LHV Bank Kadri Kiisel, LHV has been working hard to provide the best customer experience to its clients, which requires the best service and attention to quality of services. ‘As a service company, we do not compromise on quality, and it is great that surveys confirm this. We are always happy to receive constructive feedback from our clients, and we are delighted with the compliments we receive from them. Our customer service level has also been recognised as the best in Estonia in the annual survey conducted by survey company Dive,’ commented Kadri Kiisel.

LHV actively asks for feedback from clients who contact the bank to receive a service. According to Kadri Kiisel, the feedback is predominantly positive and satisfaction with the service is high. This year, as many as 96% of clients who have been in contact with the service have been satisfied with the experience. In the first seven months of this year, LHV Pank has gained over 33,000 new clients. By the end of July, the total number of banking clients in LHV Pank had grown to 354,000.

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