New restrictions on payments received from banks in Russia and Belarus


Due to the complicated international situation caused by the Russo-Ukrainian War, LHV Pank will no longer be able to accept payments from Russian and Belarusian banks from 9 August 2022.

Due to restrictions imposed by intermediaries for payments related to Russia and Belarus, the execution of payments with Russia and Belarus has become extremely complex and risky. As a result, in addition to the previous restriction on outgoing payments, LHV decided to also stop accepting incoming payments from Russia and Belarus.

The restriction applies to all currencies as well as to subsidiaries of Russian and Belarusian banks that operate or may have been registered outside Russia and Belarus. Payments received later than 8 August 2022 will be returned to the payer.

In exceptional cases, payments are accepted from banks in Russia and Belarus for reasons of national interest or for social reasons (e.g. pension). To ensure that your pension or social benefit from Russia or Belarus reaches you, please contact the Estonian National Social Insurance Board.

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