Andres Suimets named Head of LHV Investment Services


The team at LHV – the market leader in investment services – got even stronger this week when the new Head of Investment Services, Andres Suimets, joined the team.

Andres is an undisputed expert, one who comes to LHV Pank with more than 15 years of experience in the field of investing. Andres has previously served as the Head of Equities and the Financial Markets Area Manager at Swedbank, helping to create new investment solutions and organising such public offerings as Enefit Green, Tallinna Sadam, and Ignitis. Andres Suimets graduated from the University of Tartu and further improved himself by attending Cambridge University, in England.

According to Moonika Maaring, Head of Retail Banking at LHV, it is gratifying that a strong and well-known player with many years of experience is joining LHV. ‘We are the market leader in investments, but LHV has an ambitious plan to grow into the largest bank in the market. Investment services play a key role in this growth,’ said Maaring.

‘Andres will primarily be responsible for vigorously developing the field of investment services within LHV and increasing the number of investment clients. Our goal is to keep abreast of trends and new technologies. We are able to invite clients to join us through the simplicity of LHV services and the development of a strong investment habit. We will continue to work on investment content and seminars and, with the support of Andres, plan to take them to the next level,’ said Maaring.

‘The growth in the number of investors and local capital markets in Estonia has been exceptional in recent years, and while these very positive developments are welcome, there continues to be plenty of room for further development,’ commented Andres Suimets.

‘Our local investor community will be able to grow even bigger, and at the same time it will continue to be important to introduce new people to investing in Estonia, which has always been done very well at LHV, as well as to help people who have already started investing on this journey. To this end, we will certainly invest heavily in ensuring that LHV clients have access to the best investment content as well as the best modern investment solutions. By doing this, we can contribute to the continued growth of the prosperity of the Estonian people,’ the new Head of LHV Investment Services added.

LHV is the market leader in investment services in Estonia. In 2021, a total of 50% of the value of the securities of Estonian investors was held in LHV Pank and as much as 46% of the transactions on the Baltic stock exchanges were made through LHV.

LHV Group is the largest domestic financial group and capital provider in Estonia. LHV Group’s key subsidiaries are LHV Pank, LHV Varahaldus, and LHV Kindlustus. LHV employs over 690 people. As at February, LHV’s banking services are being used by 332,000 clients, the pension funds managed by LHV have 135,000 active clients, and LHV Kindlustus protects a total of 145,000 clients. LHV’s UK branch offers banking infrastructure to 200 international financial services companies, via which LHV’s payment services reach clients around the world.

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