Football fans raised over € 90,000 supporting clubs in a difficult year


Estonian football fans and members of the football club community raised a record 90,502 euros this year by paying with LHV’s Football Card.

LHV’s Football Card is the official fan card of Estonian football, with which its owner can help generate support for his or her favourite club without needing to pay attention to doing so. For each purchase made with the Football Card, LHV will pay 10 cents to the card holder’s football club of choice. In total, there are 4,823 holders of LHV’s Football Card, i.e. those who regularly generate support for Estonian football. This means that each cardholder generates an average of € 19 a year to support their favourite club.

According to Kadri Kiisel, Chairman of the Management Board of LHV Bank, it is gratifying to see that every year a considerable number of football fans join these ranks and take advantage of this convenient opportunity to contribute to the success of their favourite club.

“As the main sponsor of the Estonian Football Association, we are very happy to see that in these difficult times the fans are standing even more strongly behind their clubs. Our state-of-the-art products and services make us accessible everywhere. This is also reflected in the number of users of the Football Card, as support is generated for every county in Estonia,” said Kiisel.

“The current year has at times been a testing one, both in society at large and on the football pitches. It is therefore a great pleasure to see that, despite these difficult times, supporters and football fans have rallied behind the clubs and raised a record amount of money. This shows that the clubs have done a fine job in educating their community, introducing them to the possibilities of LHV’s Football Card, and people have actively used it, supporting their favourite club and the development of Estonian football in general,” said Anne Rei, Secretary General of the Estonian Football Association.

For the last several years in a row, fans of Tartu JK Tammeka generated the most support (€ 6,829), followed by fans of Tallinn FC Flora (€ 5,505) and Nõmme Kalju FC (€ 3,617). In total, 120 different clubs will receive support.

In addition to supporting your favourite club, the LHV Football Card is also of benefit to the card holder, since you can use it to obtain several discounts: always at least 10% off on tickets to home matches of the Estonian National Team and free entry to the home matches of Estonian youth national teams; discounts at Sportland and Baltman shops, MyFitness clubs, and on service at ABC Motors.

LHV has been supporting the Estonian Football Association and the Estonian national team since 2010.

The following is the TOP 10 in terms of the largest amount of support generated in 2021:

  1. Tartu JK Tammeka
  2. Tallinna FC Flora
  3. Nõmme Kalju FC
  4. FC Elva
  5. FC Nõmme United
  6. JK Tallinna Kalev
  7. Viljandi JK Tulevik
  8. Viimsi JK
  9. FC Kuressaare
  10. JK Tabasalu

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