Almost 6,000 Stock Sharks start the hunt for 10,000 euros


With the opening of the US stock markets today at 15.30, Estonia’s most popular stock market game Stock Shark kicks off its 20th season to find out the most skilful money saver. Around 6,000 investment enthusiasts will start the hunt for the top prize of 10,000 euros.

According to Sander Pikkel, the Head of Brokerage at LHV, Stock Shark is an excellent opportunity precisely for new investors and those who are just gaining courage to enter the investment world. ‘In this game, it does not matter how old you are or what your previous investment experience is. Anyone can choose the strategy that suits them, take risks without putting real money at stake, and benchmark themselves against friends and several experienced investors,’ Pikkel said.

This year’s 20th anniversary game is a record-breaker in more ways than one, with the overall winner earning as much as 10,000 euros and the best pupil 1,000 euros. In addition, 1,000 euros will be awarded to the participant who has grown their portfolio the most each week and 100 euros to the young person who has grown funds the most during the week. But the competition is also at its fiercest ever, with almost 6,000 portfolios ready for investment before the game even starts.

The game starts today, on the evening of 1 November, when US markets open, and lasts until 19 November. Each participant of Stock Shark will first receive a virtual portfolio with a value of 10,000 dollars and 1,000 dollars will be additionally transferred to the portfolio each working day until the end of the game. The winner will be the player with a portfolio with the highest value at the close of trading on 19 November. The organisers of the game highlight that, as the US will be moving into winter time a week later than Estonia, in the first week of the game the US markets will open at 15.30 and close at 22.00 Estonian time.

It is encouraging to see that a number of schools have included this game in their curricula. In the run-up to the game, Saarepeedi School has the largest number of participants with 6, and not far behind are

Tallinn Järveotsa Gymnasium, TalTech, and Jüri Gymnasium with 5 participants each. Also, exciting battles within teams and companies can be expected. The highest number of participants comes from the teams of Rotalia and Naisinvestorite Klubi.

It is very easy to participate in the game. To this end, you need to visit the game page at and register your portfolio. When registering a portfolio, you can indicate your workplace, school or community to make it easier to follow the competition between the members. Registration is open until the end of the game.

LHV has organised the investment game Stock Shark for 20 years already and over 35,000 investors have participated in the game over the years. Last year’s winner was 18-year-old Romeo Rebel, who managed to increase his investments by almost 47.48% in three weeks.

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