LHV has added COVID-19 additional cover to its private banking card Travel Insurance


From 1 May until 31 October of this year, the Travel Insurance accompanying the LHV private banking Platinum Card and private banking card will include COVID-19 additional cover that allows for more carefree travelling by cardholders and their companions.

The COVID-19 additional cover means that if in the following six months the trip planned by the client is cancelled or interrupted as a result of self-isolation caused by infection prevention measures for the virus, the insurance will compensate costs related to the case in the extent of up to EUR 2,000. The cover is also valid in the event that the client’s travelling companion is forced to remain in self-isolation under the orders of a physician. Insurance will also compensate for COVID-19 medical expenses in a foreign country in the extent of up to EUR 700,000 for holders of COVID-19 additional cover.

During the spread of the coronavirus, travelling has been inconvenient for everyone, as different travelling restrictions, numerous changes to flights and flight times, as well as problems related to the risk of illness, specifically, have caused uncertainty. The COVID-19 additional cover in the Travel Insurance enables one to reduce the level of uncertainty primarily related to falling ill or remaining in self-isolation, thereby enabling one to make travel plans with fewer worries.

However, the insurance cover does not include cases related to incomplete travel documents arising from infection prevention measures or other issues related to the arrangement of travel. For example, if a client is not allowed to enter a country due to the absence of a negative coronavirus test. The insurance cover also does not include cases where the problem arises due to the closing of state borders.

The LHV Platinum Card and the private banking card can be ordered by the private banking clients of LHV Pank. The cards include Travel Insurance with broad coverage for the whole family, purchase insurance, Priority Pass and the Estravel Platinum Club membership. Travel Insurance for the cards is provided by LHV Kindlustus. See more.

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