LHV Tallinn Office Recognised as Best Green Office of the Year

23. December 2020

LHV Pank, which has joined the UN Principles for Responsible Banking and developed a green action plan, took another step towards making its operations climate-neutral. The Estonian Association for Environmental Management (EKJA) issued the European Green Office certificate to LHV and named the company’s office, located in the CityPlaza building, in Tallinn, as the best Green Office of the year.

In the spring, LHV introduced its green action plan, which set a clear direction towards prioritising a cleaner environment and a more sustainable economy. One part of the action plan also includes achieving climate neutrality in LHV’s operations in 2022, and applying for the Green Office certificate. A major step has been taken in this direction, since the bank’s Tallinn office was issued the European Green Office certificate, which proves that the necessary green office principles have been implemented in the organisation.

According to LHV’s Green Office coordinator Age Leedo, it is important for each employee to act according to sustainable principles in organising the office. ‘The LHV Green Office project was a logical step forward in LHV’s green way of thinking. Developing the Green Office system and the implementation thereof was a necessary process for our employees – each employee must have faith in green principles and act pursuant to these, so that we, as a company, could effectively reflect it outwards. I hereby thank all employees who have embraced the updates’, she said.

For example, during the year, LHV has forgone single-use utensils and waste bins under desks, has begun sorting everyday waste, and using more daylight. LHV’s Tallinn office also consumes green electricity. It is planned to head in the same direction with other offices as well.

‘The Green Office certificate and recognition from EKJA prove that we have taken the correct steps in creating a more environmentally aware working environment. We wish to set an example, and we recommend that everyone else reviews their everyday consumption, to support Estonia on its path to climate neutrality’, Leedo added.

The purpose of an environmentally friendly, i.e. green office is to constantly monitor and decrease the environmental effect of the organisation, which will lead to cost savings, the sustainable use of natural resources, waste prevention, and the working environment becoming healthier.

LHV’s compliance with the criteria of the Green Office was evaluated in the course of an audit conducted by the Estonian Association for Environmental Management. In announcing the Green Office of the year, the jury highlighted LHV’s novel and skilful approach in uniting Green Office principles with the business activity of the whole company.

LHV Group officially joined the UN Principles for Responsible Banking in March, and also developed a green action plan, the purposes of which include more efficient use of energy and resources, longer service life of products, circular economy, smaller amount of waste, and a cleaner environment.

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