LHV’s business hours during the Easter Holiday

7. April 2020

During the Easter Holiday the opening hours of LHV and the processing of payments will be different. We ask customers to consider the changes.

On Good Friday, 10 April, LHV’s offices and client support will be closed, and the brokers will not be working on this day. During the holidays, our service partner will answer the customer support number 6 800 400.

Internal bank payments and also instant payments between banks will take place around the clock as usual during the holidays. Instant payments made from LHV can be received in Estonia by Coop Pank, SEB and Swedbank. During the period from 10 April to 13 April, European payments and cross-border payments will not be made – the arrival of payments will be extended by the length of the holiday. Companies should be mindful, as 10 April is the deadline for paying income and social tax. In order to pay taxes, the current account of the Tax and Customs Board in the Bank of LHV may be preferred – as an in-bank payment, taxes will be paid in time.

It is worth noting that Monday, 13 April, is also a holiday for the international payment system. In the case of important payments between banks, we recommend that these be made before 16.30 on 9 April to help avoid any inconvenience, as they will then reach the recipient as a standard European payment prior to the holiday.

On 10 April, Trader and Broker account payments will not be made. On 13 April, brokers will be at work starting at the usual time.

LHV hire-purchase and consumer loan customer support can be reached during the holidays, from 10.00 to 21.00.

Peaceful holidays!

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