LHV mobile app enhanced with a loan application option

10. October 2019

Beginning this week, clients can apply for a home Loan via the LHV mobile banking app.

In addition, iOS users can now apply for a Consumer Loan in the mobile app, dispute card payments, and find directions to the nearest ATM. These functions will soon be added to the LHV mobile app’s Android version as well.

According to Margus Holland, Head of Digital Banking at LHV, LHV Pank will continue to regularly update its mobile app. ‘This time, the updates are mainly linked to loans – now, a home loan or Consumer Loan application can be submitted through the app quickly and conveniently, and leasing can be applied for in the same way,’ Holland said. ‘Since the client is already logged-in to the mobile app, a portion of the required data is already there, and filling in the application is that much quicker. If a client has already received a positive reply to their Consumer Loan application, we will now display the available credit limit in the mobile app and, if necessary, the Consumer Loan agreement can be concluded immediately,’ Holland added.

‘We also made it easier to find LHV’s ATMs – the directions to the nearest ATM are now displayed on the map, and different types of ATMs have been marked differently, depending on whether they only issue cash or also allow you to deposit money into your account,’ said Margus Holland.

In addition, the LHV mobile app now enables you to submit card payment disputes. If you notice a suspicious transaction, you can quickly inform the bank. The dispute must be well-founded, because a service fee must be paid in the case of an unfounded dispute.

While the updates mentioned above are already available for iOS users, Android users can initially only apply for a home loan. Other updates shall be added to the app’s Android version in the coming weeks.

LHV’s mobile app app can be downloaded from the AppStore or Google Play.

This year, LHV has placed a great deal of emphasis on developing the mobile app. Recent additions to the LHV mobile app include the possibility to request money and the option for a new private client to open an account, along with ordering a bank card and investing in securities.

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