New economic analyst of LHV Pank is Kristo Aab

7. january 2019

On 2 January, the economic analyst Kristo Aab joined LHV Pank to analyse the macroeconomy for LHV.

Kristo Aab will be analysing the local as well as global economy, supporting thereby the business operations of LHV and forming the opinion of LHV on macroeconomic topics. The input of the economic analyst will serve as basis to the forecasts and analyses of LHV. “High-quality knowledge in macroeconomy helps to improve the thoroughness of LHV’s decisions and enables to see changes in the economy in a timely manner and respond faster to them,” said Erki Kilu, Chairman of the Management Board of LHV Pank. “Kristo’s joining our team also allows LHV to speak more actively on subjects related to macroeconomy. So far, we have publicly spoken more on topics concerning financial markets and companies,” said Kilu.

According to Kristo Aab, there are exciting times in the Estonian economy right now, involving also the role of LHV. “Never before has the economy in Estonia grown for such a long time. At the same time, one can feel increasing nervousness in the air. Entrepreneurs cannot find enough staff with sufficient qualification anymore and have to learn to grow through increased efficiency again. The government has become more unpredictable and the forthcoming elections in Estonia as well as in the European Parliament may bring about unexpected solutions for all interested parties. LHV is a young and a promising bank that has experienced strong growth over the last years. A more diversified and clearer picture of the economic developments and trends in Estonia and elsewhere will most definitely contribute to the ability of LHV to continue on its current course in the future,” commented Aab.

Before taking up employment at LHV, Kristo Aab worked as an economist at Eesti Pank. Over more than seven years, he has been analysing foreign economy as well as the different sides of Estonian economy, dealing closely with monetary policy topics inherent to a central bank. Aab has a master’s degree in economics from the University of Tartu.

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