Fans collected 80,000 € in support for Estonian football with the LHV Football Card

14. November 2018

By actively paying with their LHV Football Cards, football fans collected a record 79,766 € 2018 in support for Estonian football in 2018. This is 22% more than in the previous year.

LHV’s Football Card is the official fan card of Estonian football; a joint creation of LHV Pank and the Estonian Football Association. For each purchase made with the Football Card, LHV pays 10 cents in support of football, which goes to the card owner’s selected football club. As in previous years, national team fans collected the largest amount for the Estonian Football Association. The largest amount of support was earnt by Tammeka, followed by FC Flora and Nõmme Kalju.

‘This year, LHV Football Card users collected support for a total of 146 clubs. We have noticed that an increasing number of clubs themselves have an interest in calling upon their fans to begin using this support system, with the amount of support increasing each year as a result,’ noted Erki Kilu, Chairman of the Management Board of LHV Pank. ‘We are pleased that the support is distributed across Estonia, since footballers and fans of the game are found everywhere,’ added Kilu.

We are investing the support collected with LHV Football Cards in the future – furnishing the newly created EJL football academy’s classrooms and offering young players academic support so that they have the opportunity to acquire an excellent education,’ said EJL President Aivar Pohlak. Cooperation with LHV is an excellent example of how the company is contributing to the development of society,’ emphasised Pohlak.

In addition to supporting your favourite club, the LHV Football Card is also of benefit to the card holder. With the card you will always save at least 10% on all tickets to the home matches of the Estonian National Team and be granted free entry to the home matches of the Estonian youth national teams. In addition, the card offers discounts at Sportland and Baltmann, at MyFitness Club, and on service at ABC Motors.

The following is the TOP 10 in terms of support for clubs in 2018:

  1. Tartu Jalgpallikool Tammeka
  2. Tallinna FC Flora
  3. Nõmme Kalju FC
  4. FC Elva
  5. Tallinna FC Levadia
  6. JK Tallinna Kalev
  7. Viljandi JK Tulevik
  8. FC Kuressaare
  9. FC Nõmme United
  10. Põhja-Tallinna JK Volta

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