Together with purchases, an LHV bankcard now enables you to withdraw cash as well

28. September 2018

Starting from today, LHV bankcards can be used for withdrawing cash while paying for the purchases at a store. This cash-back service is provided by Coop stores and Olerex full-service stations for example.

Withdrawing cash at a merchant is as easy as purchasing goods. Make sure you inform the cashier of your wish to withdraw cash before confirming the transaction with a PIN. Stores that do not provide the cash-back service also do not enable this option for LHV bankcards.

Cash can be withdrawn with an LHV debit card at a merchant that provides this service and with a payment in the card terminal. The transaction must be confirmed with a PIN. LHV does not charge extra for cash withdrawal at the merchant, the service fees established by the merchant still apply. For example, the service fee for a cash-back service with LHV bankcard at the Coop stores is 1 euro and in Olerex, 0.32 cents. Accordingly, if the client makes a purchase for 10 euros at the Coop store and wants to also withdraw 20 euros in cash, a service fee of 1 euro will be added to it, and the merchant is to be paid 31 euros altogether.

In Estonia, it is possible to withdraw cash at the merchant starting from a purchase of 1 € with increments of 5 € and up to 100 € at a time. Cash can also be withdrawn at foreign stores that offer the (cash-back) service. One should most definitely pay attention to local terms and conditions and service fees.

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