LHV Pank introduces e-identification

28. September 2018

Starting from today, customers can open a bank account in the LHV Internet bank via e-mail. In this way, people can become bank customers electronically without leaving their home.

E-identification or electronic identification is a fast and convenient opportunity for private adults to be identified and to open an account in the Internet bank. It only takes a few minutes, and the customers can use e-identification whenever they find it suitable. The prerequisite for e-identification is the existence of a valid Estonian ID-card, passport or residence permit, and for the signature in the Internet bank one needs an ID-card with a card reader, mobile-ID or Smart-ID.

According to Kadri Kiisel, Head of Retail Banking at LHV, opening a bank account has never been so easy. "In principle, we now offer all opportunities to become a customer of LHV Pank. In addition to new e-identification, a person can also become a customer of LHV by video identification, identifying at a cooperation, for example, in Selver, or by visiting the bank office in person. Among these options, e-identification is clearly the fastest solution. I am pleased that the law now enables one to make the fullest possible use of Estonian secure identification means," said Kiisel. "It is very important for us that we adhere to the know-your-customer principle. Initially, e-identification is only available to private individuals, and some restrictions apply," added Kiisel.

To open an account via e-mail, the person must first fill out the account opening form on the LHV website. After that it is necessary to select "e-identification” as the identification method. Using the selected username, a person must then enter the LHV Internet bank using an ID-card, mobile-ID or Smart-ID. Then the person needs to enter a document number and sign a customer agreement in the Internet bank. After that the customer can start using banking services.

With e-identification, a legally required monthly limit of 15,000 € applies to using the money. If a customer wants to use a larger amount of money held on the account within a month, when opening the account the person must use physical identification or the video recognition feature which is available at www.lhv.ee/en/identification#videoidentification. An e-identified customer can also use investment services in LHV, except for trading applications of LHV Trader and LHV Broker or a leveraged loan.

E-identification is available to adult individuals who are Estonian citizens or have a valid residence permit in Estonia.

In recent years, the inflow of new customers to LHV Pank has been fast. By the beginning of September, more than 18,000 new bank customers have joined LHV Pank this year.

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