The stock sharks shall go against each other in October

25. September 2018

Estonia’s most popular stock exchange game Stock Shark shall get back into its usual rhythm – within four weeks in October, the traders need to increase their portfolio value as much as possible to find out who the best trader is. Registering for the game started on 24 September.

In the Stock Shark stock exchange game, it is possible to trade the shares of companies that belong to the S&P 500 index. The winner shall receive a prize of €5,000 to their bank account. For the schoolchildren, the game is exciting thanks to additional weekly prizes and an excursion to LHV awarded to the best class.

According to Sander Pikkel, Head of Brokerage at LHV, in Stock Shark, those people can take their first step on the stock exchange, for whom transactions on the real stock market are still too risky. “During the game, it is possible to test one’s skills and compare yourself to friends,” Pikkel added. “This time, we especially expect schoolchildren to take part. To make the game more exciting for them, the best pupil of the week shall receive 100 €.”

At the beginning of the game, the participants can choose whether they start the game with 10,000 virtual euros on their account or with a start-up portfolio compiled by LHV and including an investment in the same amount. On each trading day, the players shall receive 1,000 € of virtual money for investing. The contestants have four weeks to purchase and sell shares of the Standard and Poors 500 index, to which popular securities have been added to spice things up: Tesla, Alibaba, and the stock market traded fund SPY that follows the S&P 500 index. The goal of the participants is to grow their portfolio as much as possible within four weeks.

“Stock Shark 2018” shall start on 1 October and last until 26 October. The winner of the game will be the player who has the securities portfolio with the highest market value as at the end of the trading day on 26 October.

Participating in the Stock Shark game is easy. Visit the game website at and register your portfolio. Each participant can have one portfolio in the game. When registering the portfolio, you can detail your workplace, school, or community to make it easier to follow the competition among yourselves.

The Stock Shark website includes videos with instructions that help to better understand how to make transactions in the stock exchange game. Comment on the game in the forum or on the Stock Shark Facebook site.

The first prize is €5,000, 6-months’ digital access to Äripäev (or Delovõje Vedomosti) and an investment-related book. Second and third place shall be awarded with 2,000 € and 1,000 €, respectively, as well as an investment book and 3-months’ digital access to Äripäev (or Delovõje Vedomosti). A special prize is awarded at the end of each week to the pupil who has the most valuable portfolio at that moment, in the amount of 100 €. The winners shall receive the money on their bank account. All of the participants can read the online version of Äripäev during the game for free. This year, it is worth inviting classmates to the game because the best class or school shall be invited on an excursion to LHV, during which we shall show how the bank works from the inside.

LHV has organised the investing and trading game for 17 years already and more than 21,000 players have participated. Until 2006, the game was called “Young Pensioner”.

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