New season of free investment seminars

5. September 2018

New season of free investment seminars

In light of the good economic environment there are more and more of those who are interested in investment opportunities. The last nine years have passed against the background of rising markets, with the last one being really in the green – Nasdaq has risen nearly 26%, S&P 500 Index nearly 17% and Dow Jones Industrial Average almost 19%. In order to make the first steps in investing, one should, however, make preparations, read investment books providing fundamental knowledge or visit LHV’s “Investment School” for example.

LHV investment seminars are held in two cycles in one year. The autumn cycle starts in September and lasts until the end of November, focussing primarily on investment topics. The spring cycle starts in January and lasts until the end of April. The autumn cycle is designed for a beginning investor, the spring cycle, however, is for advanced investors and traders who have also concluded transactions themselves. Throughout both seminar seasons we will invite the representatives of different Baltic listed companies to talk a little more about their companies.

During the opening seminar “Investment ABC”, we will get acquainted with shares, bonds and funds. The seminar is designed for a beginning investor; however, some preliminary knowledge would be useful. This popular seminar usually attracts a full house.

During the second seminar “How do you start with small amounts?”, we will see how it is still possible to save a significant portfolio with a small amount of money and little knowledge by using the synergy of time and compound interest.

Investors interested in a single share are expected to participate in the seminars “How do you trade on U.S. markets?” and “How do you invest in Baltic markets?”. The seminar will start by looking at how trading is carried out in the U.S., which by being the most active market in the world, offers pleasant investments to suit all tastes. Then, we will introduce the specific nature of Baltic markets and the companies listed here.

Special attention will be paid to exchange-traded funds (ETF), which are also becoming one of the most popular investment objects in Estonia. These are ordinary funds, which can be traded on the stock exchange and which, accordingly, have similar possibilities compared to shares, such as intraday trading, instant transactions or limit orders. This topic is discussed at the seminar “Expanding possibilities with exchange-traded funds”.

This year, in Tallinn, we will introduce the main tool of traders - LHV Trader - both in the Estonian as well as in the Russian language. We will talk about the options of the platform and how to download and adjust LHV Trader, how to save settings in the server, restore lost trading windows and keep the programme up and running.

The topic at the penultimate seminar will be more complicated Fundamentals of analysis – how do you select shares?”. There are several possibilities when analysing and selecting the shares, which will be introduced by LHV analysts, whose everyday work is namely making such choices.

We will end the series of seminars with LHV portfolio management’s experience story: How do you earn a good long-term rate of return?

Investment seminars will be held at the customer offices of LHV Pank in Tallinn, Tartu mnt 2, on Tuesday nights. Tartu “Investment School” seminars will take place in the Dorpat Conference Centre.

Please be sure to register in advance! View the programme and register at: (](/kool).

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