LHV Youth Bank is ready to start

27. August 2018

LHV Youth Bank is ready to start

Hey you, young Estonian! We know you are full of power. You are part of the new generation. You are creative, smart and daring. You are the rainmaker! You appreciate freedom and you think a value-based society is important. You have the energy, optimism and will in you that shapes the future Estonia. The future world.

LHV wants to speak to you. We want to enter into discussions with you, share financial wisdom with you and create things together. We know that money is not the most important thing in life, but it is necessary to have good financial behaviour and make money work for us. We believe that the youth thinks their tomorrow will be better than today. They want to make wiser choices, enjoy life, and be rebellious and daring in their decisions.

LHV is an Estonian bank and we want Estonia to constantly evolve and improve. Therefore, keeping the future in mind, we created the LHV Youth Bank, which already starts operating today. It is not a simple banking services package, it is an innovative and different approach, which we want to use to reach young people of up to 25 years of age. The Youth Bank is growing and developing. Today is just the beginning and there is so much better yet to come. Together with you, we want to create the most useful and supportive banking service.

Let's start with ease and convenience. Check it out and think about it. In addition to the fact that in LHV Youth Bank, all euro payments are free of charge and you can even manage all of your banking operations on the go in your mobile bank, we also introduce you to the following:

  • LHV Youth Card
    An extremely cool and free of charge bank card with contactless payment option. When paying with this card, you will be noticed. The Youth Card will give you useful benefits and by using it, you can win rewards.
  • Micro investing
    This is the easiest way to start collecting and investing money. If you are already paying, pay yourself as well. . By paying with the debit card, you can collect money for your Growth Account each time and thus, invest in stock exchange traded funds.
  • Student loan
    Up until now, LHV's services didn't include the student loan, but it is important to have it available for young students, when needed. Starting from today, students can also apply for a student loan.

Read more information about the Youth Bank and join here: lhv.ee/youthbank.
We have a feeling that something great has begun. What comes up will definitely be interesting, because there are many new ideas to share with you and that we are already preparing to implement. We want you to be yourself and act as you like. As for money, we can support you.

And by the way: Tommy Cash, who is also daring, creative, determined and active, will help us to introduce the LHV Youth Bank. He does things in his own way and is an influencer. Tommy chose LHV because we are an Estonian bank and he likes us.
tommy cash is not burning or just lying there, doing nothing. tommy cash is moving fast and is full of power. tommy cash is at the bank. at LHV bank.

We are waiting for you.

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