LHV concluded an agreement with deposit marketplace Raisin

17. July 2018

LHV Pank has concluded an agreement with the European leading deposit marketplace platform Raisin that now enables the bank to accept new deposits both from the German and the Austrian market.

The purpose of including deposits from new markets is to complement LHV’s sources of financing so that the bank could improve the credit facilities of small and medium-sized enterprises even more.

“Cooperation agreement with Raisin is a great example of synergy, of the ways traditional banking businesses and financial technology enterprises can boost each other’s activities and create new value for clients by integrating each other’s products into their platforms,” LHV’s Head of Treasury, Juhan Peet, commented. “LHV’s level of liquidity is very good but we are constantly working towards having low-risk and dispersed sources of financing in order to be able to continue to provide favourable financing conditions for Estonian enterprises,” Peet added.

“LHV is a very important new partner for Raisin, the largest Estonian bank on Raisin marketplaces to date. LHV is a long-term reliable partner of prominent FinTechs like Coinbase and Transferwise and is a truly innovative digital bank, which rightfully became Bank of The Year 2018 by Euromoney just recently”, the CEO of Raisin, Tamaz Georgadze, commented on the collaboration.

Raisin is a web-based deposit marketplace platform founded in Germany in 2013, that is operating in more than 30 countries. Raisin provides services to 52 banks and more than 130,000 clients. See more: www.raisin.com.

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