Public offering documents of shares of AUGA group, AB

3. July 2018

On 2 July 2018 the Bank of Lithuania approved the prospectus of public offering of ordinary registered shares of AUGA group, AB (hereinafter, the “Company”) and their admission to trading on the regulated markets (hereinafter, the “Prospectus”, please see the attached documents) and passported thereof to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

The approved Prospectus is designated to (i) the public offering of up to 40,000,000 newly issued ordinary registered shares and up to 20,000,000 existing ordinary registered shares of the Company and (ii) of the admission of up to 40,000,000 newly issued shares of the Company to trading on AB Nasdaq Vilnius and on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The decision with regards to issue of new shares of the Company, public offering and admission thereof to trading on regulated markets has been adopted in the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of the Company on 28 March 2018 (as partly amended on 30 April 2018, also which may be partly amended on 16 July 2018, if the convened general meeting of shareholders of the Company will approve the respective amendments) and has been detailed by the decisions of the Board of the Company.

Following the Prospectus, the offering consists of a public offering to retail investors in Lithuania, private offering to institutional or qualified investors, and private offering to individually identified non-institutional and non-qualified investors. The above institutional offering and the private offering are not public and will be conducted in reliance on the appropriate exemptions in those jurisdictions where they will be conducted. The offer shares are not offered publicly in any country other than Lithuania.

The subscriptions from retail and institutional investors are due to be accepted by all Nasdaq Vilnius members from 3 July till 20 July. Shares are offered in the price range between 0.45 € and 0.50 € per share. The final offer price will be the same to all investors. Detailed conditions on provision of orders and payment thereof as well as allotment of offer shares are indicated in the Prospectus.

The full announcement of prospectus can be found here.

Prospectus in English
Translation of the summary to the Prospectus into Lithuanian
Translation of the summary to the Prospectus into Polish
Decision of the LB on approval of the Prospectus
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