With the help of LHV, you can use your bank card to make donations in church

22. December 2017

In November, LHV and the congregation of St. John’s Church of Tallinn of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church began working together to provide churchgoers with the opportunity to make donations using a bank card.

During the Christmas season, more people than usual find their way into the church. A card payment terminal has been installed in St. John’s Church in Tallinn to help make it easier to collect donations. There are plans to make the donation process via bank card and terminal use even more convenient in the near future.

‘Many of the members of our congregation use cash infrequently, and congregation members were the ones who expressed the wish to adopt the use of a payment terminal for making donations. The church must go along with the times and be open to technological advancements’, explained Jaanus Põder, Member of the Management Board of St. John’s Congregation. Donation amounts have been pre-set in the terminal and it is also possible to make contactless payments.

‘We are witnessing a clear trend, in which bank cards are being used more frequently for making payments. Therefore, the use of a payment terminal in the church for collecting donations is a smart decision and a very convenient solution for donors’, commented Indrek Kaljumäe, Card Payment Product Manager at LHV. ‘Collecting donations via payment terminals is a first for us. The plan is to continuously monitor payment terminal use and, based on the feedback received, make further improvements’, added Kaljumäe.

In addition to St. John’s Church, a payment terminal for making donations can also be found in St. Jacob’s Church in Viimsi.

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