LHV Pank terms and conditions will change

13. November 2017

On 13 January 2018, changes in LHV Pank General Conditions, Terms and Conditions of Payment Service and Bankcards will enter into force.

General Terms and Conditions

  • We supplemented the conditions for the safekeeping and use of security features (PIN calculator, mobile-ID, etc.);
  • We specified the grounds for the refusal to establish a customer relationship;
  • We reduced the excess of the customer to 50 €;
  • We added an explanation to strong authentication;
  • We specified the definition of security features.

Payment Service Terms and Conditions

  • We added information about the payment of service fees for payments made in the EEA;
  • We added a possibility to also use the services described in the terms and conditions through other service providers;
  • We added the rules for the strong authentication of customers;
  • We supplemented the clauses describing the liability of the customer and the bank;
  • We specified the procedure of submitting applications by the customer.

Settlement and Terms of Payment Orders

  • We changed the name of the terms and conditions (previously Instructions and terms for payment operations);
  • We supplemented the list of possible payment orders;
  • We replaced the definition of “banking day” with the definition of “settlement day”;
  • We added the payment terms for payments made in the EEA and possibilities of paying the service fee.

Conditions of Private Customer Card

  • We reduced the excess of the customer to 50 €;
  • We added the rule for the strong authentication of customers.
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