LHV declared the bank with the best service in Estonia

1. February 2017

For the second year in a row, LHV Pank has ranked first in field research on the level of customer service in the banking sector, as conducted by the market survey company Dive.


According to Harry Liipa, CEO of Dive Eesti, it was nice to see that LHV, which also ranked highest last year, did not rest on their laurels, and were also able to defend their position as leader this year. Banks were visited with the desire to open a current account there. In terms of their service, LHV ranked first among Estonian banks with a score of 91%. While the aggregate result of all the participating Estonian banks was 84% last year, then this year it is 77%.

“We have paid a lot of attention recently to increasing our level of customer service and bringing our service to the same level everywhere. I am pleased to admit that our efforts have been successful and that we can continue working in the name of great customer service,” said Andres Kitter, LHV’s Head of Retail Banking. “It is important that each client is able to experience this level of service in their interactions with us. In the provision of service, LHV’s team is mainly focused on finding fast solutions. We believe that great service begins with the right people and the right attitude. It is in the capacity of a customer service representative to make the life of each client more convenient and to brighten their day. Providing great service also requires the right preparation, a supportive environment, and taking into account the feedback received,” added Kitter.

February is customer service month at LHV. This means that even more attention than usual is being paid to the topic of customer service until the end of the month. Feedback is being collected at the offices in Tallinn and Tartu, and our clients’ favourite service representative will be determined. All of the employees at LHV will have the opportunity to visit the client office as a job shadow, to get a better idea of the work done by customer service representatives and to raise awareness within the organisation in regards to the questions and wishes of clients. In February, LHV will also carry out a number of service-related training sessions and will start a more in-depth employee education programme for new employees, based on the principles of good service.

The field survey by Dive Top3, comparing the level of customer service at banks, was conducted from December 2016 to January 2017. The survey included 6 of the largest banks in Estonia, 7 in Latvia and 7 in Lithuania. A total of 229 test visits were conducted across the Baltics. The survey was conducted using the Mystery Shopping method, meaning that test customers who had received prior training followed the given scenario to assess both the site of the service in general as well as the whole service process. The mystery shoppers used the same scenario in all countries and the system of rating the different aspects of service was identical.

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