Now you can also view the PIN for your bank card in LHV’s mobile app

21. September 2020

LHV’s regularly updated mobile app has gained another function – private and business clients can now also view their bank card PIN from their phone.

LHV’s clients no longer need to order a new bank card if they their PIN; instead, it can be retrieved safely via LHV’s mobile app. The possibility to view the PIN will soon be added to the Internet Bank as well.

According to Kadri Kiisel, Head Of Retail Banking at LHV, this is a simple but practical improvement. ‘There will continue to be situations where people lose or forget some of their passwords, and the same applies to their bank card’s PIN. Until recently, forgetting the PIN to your card meant ordering a new card; now, however, our clients can view the code conveniently via their mobile app.’

Normally, bank card PINs were sent to clients in a separate envelope; however, according to Kiisel, the bank sees significant potential here for conserving resources. ‘This is the first step in ensuring that in the future we do not need to print PINs on paper at all. For the time being, PINs will be sent in the same manner as before; however, in the near future, we will let the clients choose whether they want the new PIN only digitally or also on a paper’, she added.

There is no need to worry about security, as the digitally displayable PIN is carefully protected – the bank does not save it and the code will reach the client through digital channels.

The card’s PIN can be viewed in the mobile app by private as well as business clients. The important thing is that the app has been updated. To do so, the client must enter their user name and then choose either mobile-ID or Smart-ID-d to log into the LHV mobile app. In the menu, move to the cards view, select the card whose PIN you would like to view, and press the PIN button. To view the PIN, confirm the request with your digital signature (PIN2), after which your PIN will be displayed for 10 seconds. You will also see how many times you have viewed your PIN.

The PIN can be viewed by current cardholders as well as those ordering a new card. The precondition to viewing the PIN is that the card must be active. Also, you must have the right to sign contracts and the right to access the card-related account. The PIN cannot be viewed if the cardholder and the account holder are different persons. The only exception are minors, in whose case we allow also the parent to view the PIN of a minor child.

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